Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Walkergate: Then There's Still Even More

The sentencing hearing of Kelly Rindfleisch is a gift that keeps on giving.

Per the news media accounts of the sentencing hearing, we learned a fairly comprehensive list of who's who in Walkergate - so far anyway.

We also learned to what levels of depravity Walker and his campaign staff (which included his county staff) would go to win the election, including massive cover ups and politicizing tragic events.

On Tuesday, the Power Point presentation that ADA Bruce Landgraf used was made public:

In going through the presentation, I noticed some things that I thought significant that the media either missed or omitted from their reports.

On Page 2, it is reported that Rindfleisch has turned on her cohort in crime, Tim Russell. This would indicate that they are indeed trying to make Russell the fall guy for all the illegal campaigning. Unfortunately, the emails that we know about belie their false front (for example, see page 73, at the bottom).

Landgraf then goes on for several pages clearly demonstrating that Rindfleisch knew what she was doing was wrong, yet sent out and received some 3,500 campaign related emails, 70% of which occurred during the work hours. And that was just in a period of a few months. Extrapolate that over the year and the number easily tops 10,000 campaign emails.

On Page 25, we find that Rindfleisch had been emailing back and forth with Mike Huebsch. Huebsch was listed in the criminal complaint as a host of a fundraiser. Of course, Scott Walker rewarded Huebsch by appointing him his Director of Administration.

Page 31 shows that Rindfleisch got paid $60,000 in taxpayer money for campaigning for Brett Davis and Walker.

Many right wingers have been trying to throw cold water on these hot items by casting aspersion on the investigation. One such example would be Republican squawker Charlie Sykes, who even claimed that Landgraf was lying:
A bizarre footnote: DA Bruce Landgraf apparently falsely accused campaign aide R.J. Johnson of being part of the campaign meetings and only corrected himself when he was asked about it by a reporter for Wispolitics.

In court, Landgraf said Walker adviser R.J. Johnson was also part of the group. But he said later in a short interview that Johnson was not.

Was this an attempt to mislead the court? Or was Landrgraf [sic] just sloppy? And what does that say about the non-case he was presenting to the judge?
Well, I got bad news for Sykes.

Pages 35, 36, 42, 43, 44 and 45 show that R.J. Johnson was involved in the media group and was included on the county/campaign group.

Who is John Doe?
On Page 47, we see the media group discussing how to handle the assaults on patients that were occurring at the mental health complex. Ironically, they discuss what they can and cannot say due to federal privacy laws (which are termed HIPAA, not HIPPA). But in their discussion they show that they all are privy to information that they shouldn't have, due to HIPAA laws. If I recall correctly, that could be up to a $10,000 fine and some jail time for each of them.

Page 70 holds personal interest to me. On that page, Landgraf displayed an email from Walker's campaign chair, Keith Gilkes to Walker, Rindfleisch, Johnson, Jill Bader (spokeswoman for the campaign), Tom Nardelli (Walker's Chief of Staff) and Fran McLaughlin (Walker's county spokeswoman). The email was pertaining to Darlene Wink getting busted leaving comments and their ideas that were "critical to a response and diffusing this report."

I can't help but speculate on the chances that their response and diffusing of the report led to this.

Also of personal interest is Page 45. Among the email recipients identified on this page is a then county staffer, Bob Nenno. There is only one other place that thus far as tied Nenno into Walkergate. And that was in a report written by yours truly.

When the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel first reported their story on the sentencing hearing, the said that Walker was "implicated" in the Walkergate investigation. They later changed it to the less emotional, but more accurate "intertwined."

And even more accurate word would be "involved," as in actively so.

The gentle reader is surely familiar with the fact that with all things Walker, there's more. There's always more.

But there is still even more!

Now, the various emails that Landgraf has revealed shows that Walker was often the recipient of these illegal campaigning emails. If one overlooks his false claims of stopping the illegal campaigning once he was aware of it, Walker would be able to have a plausible excuse of being a passive recipient of the emails and therefore completely innocent. If anything, he might admit to being negligent by making sure the illegal campaigning emails had stopped.

But that would be just another one of Walker's many lies.

I took the luxury of taking screen shots of Pages 42 and 45:

Click on images to embiggen them

As the gentle reader can plainly see, Walker was not just the recipient of the emails, but was again using his campaign email to direct his county staff to work on campaign talking points.

I cannot see how they will not be adding another "i" word to Walker's description: Indicted.


  1. Until this mention of Bob Nenno I had not realized there was an Proclamations Director in the office Of the Governor.

    I see that Nenno also was at M&I Bank.

    1. There is no more M&I bank now.

    2. "also was at M&I Bank. "

  2. How is Wanker still free?!?? My guess is that Tim Russell will give it all up & plea bargain for dirt on Wanker.

  3. My local paper says "Dems Rip Wisconsin Governor...."

    Why aren't the GOP ripping the gov.? How could anyone defend this? Why aren't the papers ripping on the gov.?

    We know why.......Cognitive Dissonance in the face of Cognitive Dissidence!

    1. Where's that like button on this silly thing?

  4. This is a very interesting statement from Gimbel:

    "Rindfleisch attorney Franklyn Gimbel said "what jumped off the page" in Landgraf's 65-minute presentation was that his client was the only one of those mentioned in the power point who's facing jail time.

    "Scott Walker has not been accused of any wrongdoing," Gimbel said, raising both hands in exasperation."

    Yeah, Mr. Gimbel, we feel your frustration. Perhaps your client can put the squeeeze on Tim Russell.


    1. Here, Mr. Gimbel, let me fix that quote.

      ""Scott Walker has not been accused of any wrongdoing, at least not by my client," Gimbel said, raising both hands in exasperation."

  5. Looks like it won't take a lot of time to convict Tim Russell in early December. When that happens, there will loads of evidence to use for bringing Scott Walker into the courtroom to face the music.
    I remember Walker saying that all he knew about this John Doe probe was what he read in the newspaper. What a complete dumpster-size fraud Scott Walker is!
    How could anyone vote for something like Scott Walker?!!
    Let's request WTMJ to play Jailhouse Rock on the Charlie Sykes show.

  6. We can only hope it all falls apart for Scooter Wanker. If this isn't enough, how much more is it going to take?

  7. "Embiggen" is fun word.

    Ok, I'm going to try to make some general observations without everyone going nutso in response.

    I understand Walker was in the lists "media group" and "campaign group" and I understand he received the emails. I see where he sent emails.

    What I can't find is proof they were sent/rec'd on county servers, or where they were sent to/from county email addresses. You'll need a little more to prove that than what's shown above, unless I missed something.

    You were investigated for politicking on county time, Capper. You know exactly what's involved in this kind of investigation. IPs are required. An email address and time stamps aren't enough.

    In fact, I'm really surprised they aren't included in the DA's slide show. But then again, the IPs could have been shown already and I've just missed it.

    1. I'm back for one more whack.

      "In fact, I'm really surprised they aren't included in the DA's slide show."

      You also forgot to criticize the lack of cross examination of ADA Landgraf at the sentencing.

      This was a GUILTY PLEA.

      But then again, the IPs could have been shown already and I've just missed it.

      Anything else you might have missed seeing? There will probably be a few more surprises for you, grasshopper; and for all the kochroaches.

      Just stay tuned.

    2. Cindy,

      Good questions. Us regulars need more Devil's Advocate action.

      " I can't find is proof they were sent/rec'd on county servers, or where they were sent to/from county email addresses."

      You don't need proof that the County Executive staff sent/received emails using county infrastructure (servers, etc). What you do need is to show that the staff was using their tax payer funded job to promote political operations. Rindfleisch was not convicted for using county IPs/servers, as the folks doing this knew that would be an obvious use of county property for illegal purposes. Instead, they set up a separate Wifi router in the office which was isolated from the county internet. This allowed for network communications between both sets of staff to operate the campaign without the activities being tracked by the county IT folks.

      So, to back up a bit, Rindfleisch and Wink have been convicted for using their tax payer funded office to promote political activities (essentially the taxpayer paid somewhere north of $1M* to fund the various GOP campaigns). You can read the text of the law (946.12(3)) at the link below, btw.

      So, now your question about Walker. Yes, he wasn't sending the 1000s of emails and drafting up the campaign literature himself. And he certainly wasn't doing it during the work day. So, perhaps he is shielded? Well, I thought there may have been an argument for that prior to the new release of emails (if only a weak one). Well, now it is known that
      (1) Walker knew and condoned what Rindfleisch and Wink were doing (i.e. he condoned his staff to perform illegal activities). That's undeniable at this point. It is also known that (2) he was managing both his campaign staff and his EC staff during the tax payer funded work day.

      As to (1), since Walker knew and condoned what Wink & Rindfleisch were doing, with them later admitting that what they were doing was illegal, he's likely susceptible to being charged under WI Statute 939.31. That's conspiracy for us laymen. The fact that he was their boss is what really makes it hard to wave this one away.

      As to (2), even one email from Walker using his campaign email account during the work day would constitute a violation of 946.12(3). The fact that he, at least it seems, sent numerous emails directing his campaign staff during the time he was supposed to be working for the tax payer, makes it likely that he could be charged under the above statute.

      Now, those are the two most obvious statutes he could be charged under (INAL). However, he could potentially also be charged for destruction of public records. Since he and his staff sent emails concerning county business during county hours, any of those emails could potentially be considered public records. With those emails not cataloged by the county network, they'd not be saved and ultimately deleted by the campaign staff (or whomever). This action could fall under Statute 19.31-19.39.

      Heck, since county records are considered "library material", he (or his underlings) could be charged with 943.61 (destruction of library materials).

      I think you get the point that what Walker and his team were doing impacted a lot of things. Wisconsin is fortunate to have very strong laws against political figures using publicly financed time, space, and equipment to better themselves and affiliates.

    3. Man, there's tons of good stuff here:

      Statute 19.32(2)
      "Record" means any material on which... printed...information is recorded or preserved...which has been an authority."

      *****>Walker = Authority. His emails = material.

      Statute 19.37:
      (3) Punitive damages. If a court finds that an authority or legal custodian under s. 19.33 has arbitrarily and capriciously denied or delayed response to a request or charged excessive fees, the court may award punitive damages to the requester.

      *****>Hmmm...."send this to legal and have them draw it out....stop thinking like a lawyer and start thinking political...".

    4. Actually, the IPs aren't necessary. It doesn't matter if they were sent on county computers if they were sent on county time.

      And it also shows collusion - an alarming amount of it too! - between the campaign and the county staff, which is also illegal.

      Don't worry, Cindy. Your book is already obsolete and even more non-factual than before.

    5. Proving you haven't read it, or you'd know better. You might be surprised what you'd find.

    6. You're right, I haven't read it and am not planning on it. You can thank Scott Walker for taking away any discretionary funding I might have had. We're just buying the very basics now.

  8. Buggering the facts is a fun phrase. Why does that come to mind right now?

    What I can't find is proof they were sent/rec'd on county servers, or where they were sent to/from county email addresses.

    You'll need a little more to prove that than what's shown above, unless I missed something.

    Well if that was in dispute, that would have been raised by the defense attorneys at trial. Haha, wait, why no trials?

    Instead, I suspect that this may have been agreed to by stipulation in some of these guilty pleas. Why don't you troll over and give them a quick read?

    The people ready to testify to the provenance of the prosecutions emails and evidence were on the prosecution's witness list filed for the Rindfleisch trail. Thirty some names, some expert witnesses. Troll over and read that too. Maybe that's why Scott Walker was on that list. An opportunity for Scott Wanker to "cooperate" with the prosecutor in sending the guilty to their just desserts.

    1. Snark away. Evidently it's supposed to fill in for the lack of facts in an argument.

      You could always provide links for the things you think I should read, Anon. That would be very kind of you.

    2. Now I'm just bored with your posts.

      I can't give you a link to enable logical thought but here's are two links that will lead to all the things referred to in my comments. They will also lead to some of what others post here.

      Just go the first stop, then go to the second stop. It's all there!

    3. Cindy, (I am a different anonymous)
      I think the prosecutor does know if this stuff was sent on county servers or not. I suspect there is more and that this was a warning, but maybe not. Time will tell. If this were a Democrat or Independent politician who had done this in Waukesha County, would you be happy that your tax dollars went for this?

    4. Our tax dollars are going for the investigation, too.

      Listen, most folks know I'm not one of those Walker-walks-on-water types. They also know everyone-does-it never works with me. Corruption is bad for us as the subjects of government.

      But, how long is this thing supposed to drag out? Isn't it time for the DA to poop or get off the potty?

    5. It took four years to get Blago. Justice takes time and money, which is why conservatives tend to be opposed to it.

    6. Anon from 12:36pm - Listen, I've hung out at this rodeo long enough to know the minute you are "bored with my posts" it means I've won. Poor baby. I hope you've dvr'd Nick at Nite.

      Nasty little bits linking to a Clue game and Google. Not that one working as "anonymous" ever gains credibility, but that move just shows you to be nasty and lazy. You probably never really intended to think in the first place.

    7. That's a good point, Capper. I guess we'll all get to wait and see, then. In the mean time, Walker is still governor, the Assembly and Senate are both Republican, and approximately half of this state has a few things they'd like to accomplish in the next couple of years. :)

    8. And they'll do it illegally and unconstitutionally, the state will get sued, the bad laws overturned, and more of our taxpayer money thrown out the window. Good job!

    9. Oh, and Cindy, you can turn in your fiscal conservative card at the window. You're just another hater.

    10. Cindy, you seem to be half way reasonable. Frankly, I have no problem with the concept of the GOP. However, the folks that are running the show in Wisconsin seem to have deviated from the ol' fashion GOP of Wisconsin.

      I mean, the redistricting thing (where two GOP judges thought it to be shameful) is a good example. Granted, other states have done similar things, but that doesn't make it right. I can't for the life of me figure out why a small government person who loves liberty would support legal maneuvering that would support a single party state (I mean, if you want a single party state, say it, but monoparty rule isn't what I'd call a Wisconsin tradition).

      Also, how can somebody who is small government and loves liberty be in support of making it harder to vote? The GOP AG has stated that voter fraud is near non-existent in Wisconsin, yet fighting "voter fraud" was priority #2. I mean, voting is a right as much as owning a gun. If a Dem controlled government tried to make it harder to buy a gun, the GOP would do...well...what they do (heck, Obama has made it easier to carry guns in federal parks and the GOP still says he'll take away your guns).

      Also, apply the above to getting rid of same day voter registration. Here we have a monoparty state continuing to make it more difficult to use our constitutional rights. Our servicemembers (present company included) serve so that this right is universal (heck, in Iraq you just had to show up, vote, and stick your finger in ink). Yet, we want to deny that to our countrymen. Why?

      Also, we can talk pro/anti collective bargaining. That's fine. Bud did you notice that the unions that supported Walker weren't busted? Doesn't that seem a bit odd?

      At the end of the day, the policies being presented by the WIS-GOP aren't those of real conservatives or of libertarians, or even of the WIS-GOP of only 10 years ago. They are of a party whose sole goal is to eliminate the competition and enshrine a single party GOP state (see the threats to primary GOP senators that didn't step in line for Act 10). This mentality is what is so frightening, regardless of party. The goal of legally outlawing electoral descent and marginalizing other parties is common in states like Russia, but is the antithesis of the Wisconsin tradition.

      This isn't to mention Walker's 4M bailout to that battery company that had filed for bankruptcy some four the same time the GOP is shouting about Obama's bailouts. But I digress.

  9. WHo the hell cares if you can find if he was inside or outside of the building when he sent some emails? It is blatantly obvious that his staff was campaigning on taxpayers dime. Which in my mind is one of THE single most egregious acts a person can committ, irregardless if he was able to steer clear of actual blame or not. He obviously knew what was happening. Which speaks to his chracter and also speaks to the republicans who continually support him. As someone asked why arent the repubs outraged about this??

    I personally loved seeing Chucky go to prison and wish he was still there. A democracy is fragile enough without the incumbents messing with it.

    Until we punish this seriously it will continue to happen.

    Scott walker should be in trouble just for hiring Kelly Reindfleisch to begin with. Hell a condition of her orignal plea agreement should have been You can never ever work anywhere near Government again yet scotty personally hired her!

    1. Maybe they aren't outraged because they don't live in Milwaukee County. They are glad other people paid taxes to get their guy elected. Sweet deal.

    2. Astute observation!

    3. I think the IPs count because it's the only way to prove resources were diverted. Time sheets can be managed to indicate breaks or vacations, etc. and dilute the argument you make.

      If a job is "24/7" then does that mean you never get to go to the washroom? If you answered yes then there's time in that schedule for personal emails, too, and those could be supporting a campaign.

    4. Again, no. The emails show collusion between campaign and county staff, under the direction of Walker. You're just grasping at straws. Besides, that's not what Walker will be charged with.

    5. Cindy,

      I appreciate your willingness to keep coming back.

      If you read through the Rindfleisch complaint, you'll see that the DA cross references the Ceridian time keeping system to show that Rindfleisch was 100% on the clock when the work was being conducted (i.e. clocked in when all those emails were time stamped).

      Granted, that's just for the charges pertaining to campaigning on county time. As Capper mentions above, if this activity was condoned or supported by superiors, then they could be charged with the same crimes (similar to how crime bosses are busted - i.e. you ordered an underling to do something illegal and then compensated them for it). In this case, Walker is paying Rindfleisch with county funds to do campaign work.

      Now, even if Rindfleisch was punched out but still doing the campaigning work from her county office, that would also have been illegal, as she'd be using the public property (this case, the physical facility) to perform the campaign work.

    6. I thought Rindfleisch's guilt wasn't in question. Heck, even she decided it wasn't in question.

      I think it's a stretch to implicate Walker from the evidence we (as in the public) is given right now. There are "if" statements you work with to implicate him.

      The only "if" I can give you is that if you wait long enough, you'll find out.

    7. No stretch at all. Since the beginning of the year, we've known about the email Walker sent from his campaign address to Russell at his county address. No ifs, ands, or buts about it.

    8. Capper, I looked around and found the email I think you are referencing in several places. All I could find is "Tim Russell-New" for that address line. If there's a different version, could you show me?

    9. County emails showed up as just the name, personal emails and campaign emails show the address.

    10. No, that's a function of the email program you are using as to how they are plopped into the "to" line.

      Again, I'll be glad to concede your point if you can prove to me it was a county email address.

    11. Cindy K,

      If you read the Rindfleisch complaint, you'll see that whether or not the campaign emails were sent from a county address is not the problem. Rindfleisch and Wink (and potentially others) could have sent those campaign emails via carrier pigeon and, if they had done so from the court house during while they were on the clock, it would still have been, and as demonstrated via the Rindfleisch and Wink convictions, was illegal. That was the DA's point. Had Rindfleisch and Wink (and whomever else) used their county email addresses, it would likely have been LESS illegal, since at least then they wouldn't be able to be charged with destroying public records (as their illegal campaign emails would have been kept for posterity). The way things turned out, they could get charged with more by using alternative modes of communication while they were on the clock.

      I posted all the statues above and would encourage you to take a look.

    12. Again, we aren't debating Rindfleisch or even Russell. It's more about whether or not Walker can be implicated.

      "On the clock" is the difficult issue to prove. Again you use "if."

    13. Cindy,

      As for the email, you're of course right. As a county worker, I would have no idea how the county email system works or looks like.

      Also, you're purposely trying to mislead my readers. Whether Walker was on the clock or not is irrelevant. Whether he used county computer or Blackberry is irrelevant. He was coordinating the collusion between the campaign and the county staff, which is illegal.

      And even that is irrelevant since that is not what the DA is going to go after him for.

    14. All I'm asking is for proof that was to Russell's county account. Please forgive me if I won't take your word for it.

    15. Oh, no sweat there. I realized long ago that your reluctant to accept reality.

    16. In other words, no you can't do it.

    17. No, I can't make you follow logic.

    18. Capper, "because I said so" is not logic. All I'm asking for is a link or something that shows me Russell's address on that email is a county addres.

    19. Looks like you'll have to do an open records request then.

  10. Let's also not dismiss the most flagrant and corrupt part of the whole presentation. Remember this passage about the MacArthur Plaza tragedy, where a piece of concrete fell and killed a teenager?

    Gilkes: "Keep on top of Sue Black, Kreklow, Archer and all staff to make sure there is not a paper any where that details a problem at all."

    Or how about other instructions for the county lawyer to "drag out" any open records requests relating to MacArthur Square construction and maintenance records?

    The same group then tried to use county staff to turn up information on Mendota Mental Health Institute to turn attention away from the failures at the County Mental Health center.

    The Milwaukee County Board should demand an immediate investigation as to who was controlling and executing county policies in 2010, because it sure doesn't sound like it was being done by the people taxpayers were shelling out salaries for.

    1. There are probably some ordinances and statutes on the books which address public servants serving other than the public and their putative employers.

  11. Cindy, Jake is spot on. This quote from Gilkes preceeded what Jake provided: " are the only person capable of overseeing these people."

    That's an admission that Walker was not functioning as County Executive. That's a charge Mark Neumann used County records to make in the primary.

    Once Walker cashed his county paycheck, that could become evidence of fraud.

    1. Not doing his job would be proof that Walker wasn't doing his job, not that he was a criminal.

      And yes, John, I'm acutely aware of Neumann's charges. I supported the man for both the gubernatorial and Senate primaries.

  12. Cindy, imho, Rindfleisch did NOT want to plead. It hurts her chances for an appeal. AFAIK, the only reason she pleaded was as a favor to Walker, to spare him from being called to testify.

    My guess is that neither she, Gimbel or Walker's lawyers had any inkling of Landgraf's 65-minute video.

    IMHO, she was devastated by the video, because she realized that in light of its revelations, her plea deal didn't help Walker at all. And she paid a great price. The last thing the wingnuts on the state Supreme Court want to do is overturn a GUILTY plea. They run on being tough on crime. There are thousands of guys in Wisconsin prisons on plea deals. If Prosser et al overturn her plea deal, it could open the flood gates.

    I am not a lawyer.

    1. Good points here, John. I would imagine the entire process has been rather devastating for Ms. Rindfleisch. Don't confuse that with my condoning her behavior.

      Would the Supreme Court overturn the guilty or is the appeal to sentencing only? I've not followed it closely enough to know. She might just be trying to avoid jail time.


    Wink sentencing re-scheduled for 10JAN2013.

    It is now obvious that they're keeping her on to testify against against somebody yet to be charged. If it was Russell, they'd have scheduled it in December.

    1. She's going to squeal like a stuck pig.

    2. No, they are only holding her over for Russell. At least for now. With the holidays, that was probably the first available date that worked for all parties involved in that case.

    3. Capper,

      For once, I hope you're wrong.

    4. I understand, but there is no reason to believe the investigation has stopped and that more arrests and charges, including Walker himself, are in the future.

  14. (You can refer to me as "Anonymous John")

    @Jake: The fatal incident with concrete falling from a parking structure was at O'Donnell Park (at the lakefront, west of the Art Museum & Discovery World), not MacArthur Square (at the County Courthouse).

    I agree that this was particularly shocking for its sheer callousness. Just had to correct a detail.

  15. Just wanted to correct a couple things.

    1. Capper- The "conservatives" LOVE to spend money, as long as it directly benefits them!! If it works its way back into their pocket money is NO object ..see MB&F, if it benefites the community and NOT them directly then they quickly become "fiscal conservatives" ..see John Doe investigation.

    2. Cindy, less than half of the people in WI voted for them but they control a large majority in our state house.....that being said, let's not pretend that anything that the people in WI want done will be done. We all know with the election of the two R leaders it proves that what will be done is EXACTLY what the folks at ALEC tell them to do.

    3. as for Scott walker and the job he is doing, that depends on what we elected him for. if we are paying him to divide the state and spend most of his time out of state fundraising, then he is doing an amazing job on our dime!

    1. When you duck into stuff like "ALEC" or "the Koch Brothers" you just sound goofy, Jeff.

    2. Cindy, you're really not in the position to tell anyone that they sound goofy.

    3. The problem Cindy is that Vos is the state cochair of ALEC and Nothing that the WI repubs have done is originaly by any means. We see the same exact(almost word for word) legislation popping up all over the country from the republicans.

      To say that ALEC controls the WI agenda the way Mike McCarthy controls the Packers game plans!

    4. No, the legislatures determine what to vote up or down. ALEC may have a playbook of suggestions, but the elected still make the final decision.

  16. Not when ALEC controls the purse strings....Money makes the world go round.

    I have yet to see a republican legislator denounce them, they go to their plush hotels for the conferences, charge the taxpayers for the travel expenses and fees and then come back and introduce their legislation word for word. Hardly an act of independence on the legislators parts.

    1. Ooh, that again. Well come up with more money and buy your way back into the legislature.

    2. Well come up with more money and buy your way back into the legislature.

      So, is it more that you hate democracy or that you love corruption?

  17. So its ok that a shadow organization without WI ties has complete control of the WI legislature???/

    Small government?

  18. WHat I dont get is, we know there was a secret router set up to break the law. We also know that the top what ten people on his staff were all campaigning on company time to the tune of thousands of emails. We know that the higher ups in the republican party and the talk radio hate cabal knew this because they all responded and emailed with them during business hours. We know this is blatantly illegal and they knew it was illegal.

    Those all being facts, who cares where he emailed it from, how do you not hold walker 100% accountable?

  19. Holding Walker accountable is different than finding Walker a criminal.

    1. Ms. Cindy K.,

      Gov. Walker may not have been convicted under any state statutes, but reading over the Milwaukee County statutes, it is pretty clear he has committed a crime under that jurisdiction. Please see Milwaukee County Municiple Code 9.06. - Political activity..

      "Campaign prohibitions: No county public official or employee at his or her place of employment while engaged in his or her official duties shall, for the apparent purpose of seeking to elect or defeat a person seeking elective office: (d) Engage in political campaign activities for any candidate "

      I don't know that you can argue that one.

  20. Knowing all of this illegal activity is happening and you think he is doing nothing illegal?

    How exactly are you holding him accountable?

    If you know a crime is being committed and do nothing what does that make you?