Friday, April 12, 2013

A Simple Observation Of The Big Picture

Over the past two years, we have displayed various graphics showing basically the same thing:

All three charts show that the job numbers in Wisconsin suck and that the massive sucking didn't start until Scott Walker took office and started in on his agenda of austerity.  Other graphs have shown a massive drop off in economic activity and in personal income levels.

I have seen these sudden downturns explained through Walker's big tax cuts from the rich.  However, I've seen corporate Democrats give tax cuts to the rich and not have such a failure.

I have also seen these drop offs being due to tax hikes on the poor.  I've seen the Democrats do that as well, although not to the same degree, and nothing went so far south as Walker's numbers.

The one thing that Walker did do that the Democrats never had was Act 10, the assault on the unions.  That alone took hundreds of millions of dollars out of the economy and placed square in the bank accounts of his wealth campaign donors.

Now that Walker is starting his attack on private sector workers, I would expect that these numbers are only going to keep getting worse at an accelerated pace.

It's fairly obvious that nothing Walker has done has created jobs, which really isn't that surprising.  It's also pretty obvious that Walker continuing to do the same things that have been proven not to work shows that he really doesn't care.

What I don't understand is why so few Democrats are seeing this and hammering away on these obvious points.  They would pick up a lot more support if they would.


  1. By the Governors own account, it has taken more than $2 billion out of the economy so far and counting!


  2. School districts across the state are facing budget deficits due to cuts in state aid and the restrictions on limiting property tax increases. This means layoffs for teachers, administrators and staff. The claim that Act 10 would give schools budget surpluses is in fact a myth.

  3. Cons have neither the capacity nor the inclination to govern.

    Let us stop pretending they do.

  4. The reason that Dems don't hammer at this is, unfortunately, obvious - they're not very bright. At least the leadership isn't. There is a certain piece of the electorate that the Dems need that they can't seem to communicate with effectively. It's still pretty much the "Reagan democrats" of old. Simple folks really. They don't hate government, but they don't particularily like it either. In fact they're not fond of institutions in general and that includes unions (but not churches). They really are the mom and apple pie crowd, they go to church on Sunday, and they don't pay much attention most of the time. They respond to negative ads. Bill Clinton found a way to appeal to a lot of them, but no one else seems to be able too.