Friday, April 26, 2013

Fairness Versus Unequal Pay

What happens when you pay two monkeys unequally? Watch what happens:

If Capuchin monkeys can figure it out, why can't the Teapublicans?


  1. Capper,

    The TED presenter did not mention that the monkey on the right getting the grapes is a Job Creator. Whereas the monkey on the left who is upset at getting cucumbers but not grapes is part of the 47% leeching off the government. That monkey pays no income taxes due to his annual income of $19,760 working at WalMart. That leech deserves cucumbers for not making more money!

    1. This shows two monkeys getting paid differently to do the same thing. I could understand making comparisons to Male/Female salary inequalities, but attempting to make a comparison to the Job Creator/Employee relationship is a fallacy.

      If you wanted to see that in action... Pay all the monkeys in grapes based of the work done... then take half of the "richer" monkeys pay and give it to the "poorer" monkey and see what happens.

    2. Peter,

      I believe there is validity about comparing rewards between Job Creators and Employees. The investors and the employees both contribute to business success. When the employee is not properly compensated, there is anger. I speak from experience.

      Today I am a Job Creator. I provide compensation superior to my competitors. My business attracts higher quality employees who have higher loyalty to my business. As a result my business prospers and grows, whereas some of my competitors have not. That is the perspective I am coming from.

      My WalMart example illustrated the real people behind the Republican meme that 47% of Americans are government leeches. If they were fairly compensated so their income was high enough to pay income taxes, the 47% figure would go down. WalMart's employees could afford to buy more at WalMart so WalMart's profits go up. But the Job Creators at WalMart don't want to share the grapes.

  2. If anyone is interested in taking a short trip on the crazy-train, read this explanation of income inequality from the Biblical perspective:

    Caution: Empty bladder before reading.