Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Wait Til Dean Kaufert Gets Home!

By Jeff Simpson

BIG and I mean BIG, government Wisconsin republican Dean Kaufert, with the approval of the Speaker of the ASSembly Robin Vos, have authored a bill telling you what you must eat daily!  Seriously!

The party that threw a fit when NYC Mayor Bloomberg wanted to ban big gulp soda's, is now planning your daily meals.  You can not make this stuff up! 

if Pillsbury or a competitor had any business sense, they would make a big donation to Robin Vos and they could pass a law telling us we can only use their products and recipes.  


FoodShare Reform legislation, authored by Rep. Dean Kaufert [R – Neenah], passed the Assembly State Affairs committee Tuesday, April 30 on a 7-2 vote. An amendment to the bill which was also passed by the committee added specificity to the reform proposal and would require FoodShare recipients to use at least 2/3 (67%) of their monthly benefits on staple food products. Eligible staple food products would include the items on the WIC list, meat, pork, chicken, fish, and vegetables.

“The FoodShare Reform legislation will make sure we continue to help those truly in need in our communities with basic food necessities, while at the same time reduce the abuse and misuse of this program,” Kaufert said. “The original intent of the food stamp program was to provide the basic necessities, not luxury items and this bill will move us back in that direction.”

Those takers in society dont need ketchup or mustard or salt or pepper or what bread.  They will eat what the Wisconsin republicans tell them to eat and they will expect a "thank you"card n return!

You can tell by the way Robin Vos runs his own life that he more capable of running your life than you are!


Have any recipe or nutrition question?

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State Rep. Dean Kaufert


  1. It just keeps getting stranger. The GOP members all seem to now think that they are not only economics experts, but nutritionists as well. God help the poor vegetarian. Or people trying to avoid carcinogens and antibiotics cause - well, that's frills. Just eat what Dean thinks you should eat.

    1. Especially when those same legislators hate science and paying for academic research. But these uneducated fools sure seem to have all the answers, and seem to think they know best.

      If you're a small-government type, you can't be a Republican in 2013

  2. Too bad they are not this specific with companies when they are giving our taxes away to create "jobs".

    1. By the look of that double chin and thick neck.....Looks like he eats what he wants!!!!

  3. Umm, will it cover saltpeter for Vos and diet pills for Kaufert when they are unemployed?
    Of course, Kaufert owns a bar- that only serves health food. NOT- and Vos owns a popcorn company that only sells healthy no salt, no butter popcorn. NOT.
    Fat hypocrites have more gall than sense. Sickening AND fattening.

  4. So, my parents were evil for making me eat what they provided. I'm proud that they never took a dime from the government. They were proud too because they knew that taking handouts reduces the human spirit to dependency. Democrats know that too...

    1. So does this mean we can stop the TIFs and other forms of corporate welfare too? And if they take it, we can tell them how to run their business?

    2. Yes i want to know if we can tell chris cline how to spend his money...isnt Robin Vos and Kaufert on the taxpayers dime? They get $88 of taxpayer money a day in expenses, can we have a list of acceptable expenses?

    3. I saw Dean on the news's last night. Did not look like he is spending that $88 on health food. Maybe they can set up a heath GOP health food store with all the bull crap the are trying to sell!!!!

  5. Taxpayer handouts should not fund something that ultimately costs even more money to taxpayers. Soda, junk food, etc all drive up health care costs as well. And Kaufert does not want to eliminate the junk food, just put a limit on it.


    Get off Food Share and eat what you want with your own money. And Vos and Kaufert are not getting their money as handouts. It is part of their job. Is that $88/day crazy? Yes. But it is part of their compensation.

    God I love this f'd up blog.

  6. 1. have you ever shopped in a grocery store? junk food is so much less expensive than the good stuff. If you only want them eating good foods, then up the ante and/or make the good stuff less expensive.

    Yes he wants to tell them what and when they should eat. Thats BIG BIG government.

    2. People would love to get off Food share, unfortunately for them we have a republican controlled state so we are bleeding jobs. Hard to get your own money when we are losing hundreds of jobs by the day.

    3. yes part of their job where they are doing part time work with full time pay. Is &88/day part of their compensation of course because they set their own compensation. You all pissy with the false meme that teachers unions run the schools yet they dont make anywhere near the money the legisaltors make. Do you support letting all public workers decide their own compensation?

    You should love this blog because the ones you seem to like are not informing you very well.

  7. I don't see any specificity as to what Republicans define as "junk food". Strictly speaking, any overly-processed food product could be considered "junk", which would cover about 90% of the American diet. Who determines what is "junk"? It will probably be the person running the checkout and so it will be an arbitrary process that will throw a little more humiliation on low-income people, and that's the whole point. Republicans like to build up their self esteem by dumping on other people.

    BTW Doesn't "Shorty" Vos make a living selling junk food?

  8. Obviously Kaufert is a personal trainer so he will be the one deciding, and yes Im betting popcorn of all flavors by Vos's company adultery popcorn will be strangely exempted.

    im also quite sure that it depends on what color you are as to what you will be allowed to eat!

  9. "People would love to get off Food share"

    This statement is 180 degrees out of phase with reality.

  10. Can you imagine Robin Vos attempting to "live" on just $3.88 in food stamps per day? Ha. That would cover maybe just one latte for honey Michelle Litjens and I don't know that it would even qualify as a food staple. Vos would never EVER subject himself to the poverty level sustenance that is known by the allocation of a measly $3.88 per day per person for food stamps.

  11. let them pay for the junk foods with their own money no money? get off their dead ass make some. mow lawns, wash windows,wash cars, pull weeds,whatever

  12. Many of the individuals who receive FoodShare are employed at low-income jobs. This benefit supplements low-income individuals food purchases; it rarely covers all purchases. Many of these people live without transportation or opportunities to shop at true grocery stores. Convenience stores with limited (generally unhealthy) substitute. They may live without access to refrigerators, ovens, or stoves. Purchases are often constrained by environment and circumstance as well as economics and finally, choice.

    I am fine with eliminating corn-syrup/sugar sweetened soda as a purchase. There seems a product that can be easily distinguishable by all. Wisconsin is unlikely to get approval for a voucher to implement any similar bill. Unless Kaufert and Vos's true goal is to rid ourselves of the federal funding and to decimate the Foodshare program. We hurt our most vulnerable: children, the elderly, disabled, and the impoverished first.

    Aren't these the same people/parties who claimed we were loosing liberties with healthier school lunches and limited vending machine options within schools?

    We need to promote positive, healthy food choices and opportunities to purchase these foods. This is not part of a liberal agenda, just a desire to create a healthier citizenry with decreased healthcare costs. We do not need further stigmatization, judgment, and restriction from a party that claims to prioritize freedom and liberty. (Just not for the separate and unequal?)

  13. Hopefully Mike Rohrkaste of Neenah takes over his spot in the 55th District Assembly.

    1. No thanks we have had enough scott Walker toadies to last us a lifetime