Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Real Reason Scott Walker Went To China

He went to visit the money we're hemorrhaging to them through our trade deficit:
The $1.5 billion in exports seems like a lot until you compare it with Wisconsin’s annual imports from China.

A look at U.S. Census Bureau data (Foreign Trade Statistics, State Data Series, based on 2011 dollars) regarding foreign trade shows that Wisconsin’s imported $5.7 billion from China in 2012.

That’s right. All the pomp and circumstance really equals roughly a $4.2 billion trade deficit with China.
I sure hope he didn't go over there just to make up the deficit by selling our land for them to do with whatever they want.


  1. Thanks capper. A trade deficit is exporting wealth. It's unsustainable.

  2. He went to visit with his donors and hit them up for more indirect cash.

  3. What was the real reason Dim Joyle went to Spain?

    Hint: It wasn't to add to Wisconsin's economy.

  4. Walker had to go to China and learn from the pros how to quash dissent and take away peoples rights.

    Doyle convinced the Talgo train manufacturer to come from Spain until Walker chased them away.