Sunday, April 28, 2013

If There Was Justice In This World...

...this fool would be facing charges for being party to murder.


  1. Great catch.

    No statute of limitations on murder. I hope someone will indict Gov. Perry for "depraved indifference" or other statutes which apply.

  2. Rick Perry is working hard to turn Texas into a Blue state. More and more Texas Republicans are realizing that voting Republican is against their best interests.

    Texas has allowed fracking in upscale communities such as Weatherford near Fort Worth. The Texas Railroad Commission is supposed to oversee oil and gas drilling. The Commission concludes that gas is coming out. That includes gas coming out of the water used by upscale homeowners. The EPA stepped in to ask the frackers to keep pollution down to a minimum. The frackers told EPA to frack off. Perry and Texas Railroad Commission came to the aid of the frackers to stop these homeowners from demanding clean water.

    This is not an isolated story in Texas. Fracking is causing earthquakes in Fort Worth. The Texas Railroad Commission denies any scientific research shows a connection between fracking and earthquakes. That is because the Texas Railroad Commission denies there is anything called “science.”

    The only thing that might slowdown Texas fracking is the persistent drought. Fracking demands copious amounts of water. Is the drought worsened by man-made global warming? Or is God messing with Texas?