Sunday, April 21, 2013

Another Thing About Fracking They Didn't Tell Us

Besides polluting the land and poisoning the water, frac sand mining gives the people one more thing to hate about it.

When the frackers skip town, the land owners are responsible for the bill for cleaning up the mess left behind.

Lovely. Just lovely.


  1. Free market capitalism for individuals. Socialism for corporations.

  2. With the new mining law, Gov. Walker and the Republicans assure this will happen more often.

  3. Hey, check out:

    Their is so much to clean up as is, and Wisconsin GOP is more than happy to pass the buck through rollback legislation so future generations can keep on paying.

  4. How many millions of gallons of poop was dumped into Lake Michigan last week?

    1. Since money is needed to clean up sewers and sewerage treatment systems, do you support raising taxes or borrowing money to pay for the system upgrades needed to stop the pollution? Or do you simply enjoy whining without supporting any practical solutions?

  5. I wonder what'll happen to property values of homes near fracking and mining sites? I would imagine those homeowners are stuck with worthless homes - so much for that retirement nest egg.