Thursday, April 11, 2013

Charlie Sykes' Racism!

By Jeff Simpson

Capper did an excellent job recently of pointing out what a true racist Charlie Sykes is

t should not come as a surprise to anyone that Charlie Sykes is a racist.  His show and his blog is full of examples of his race baiting.

Heck, he's so bigoted that he will only let the "right" conservative black writers
publish articles on his latest endeavor, "White Wisconsin."
But even as inured as we are to Sykes' race baiting and bigotry, he went to new lows last Thursday.
On his show, he played the audio for part of this song, which is called "It's Free Swipe Yo EBT."  I must warn the gentle reader that this is most definitely Not Safe  For Work.
The video is full of exaggerated racial stereotyping of black women that one would expect from racists

When called on the carpet for his latest bout of blatant racism, Sykes let everyone know that is who he is and he will be as racist as he wants to be!

Apparently, Captain Fireworks is still bothered that some people would be disgusted by having such a racist with that big of a forum.  He spent the last few days trying to figure out how he could use something the democrats did to justify his disgusting behavior(after all taking personal responsibility is OUT of the question). 

The "great" mind(term used loosely) of Sykes was only able to come up with this!  


I am not sure if he is telling us that we need to sensor all art that he disagrees with or that because President Obama is friends with Jay-Z, that gives Sykes free reign to do and say whatever disgusting vile thing he feels like!  

No wonder WTMJ 620 AM is a sinking ship!   

At least Sykes can always fall back on his speaking gigs and book writing to make a living!

O Wait!


No wonder Jerry Bader likes to spout racism and bash gays, he is desperate to get someone to listen to him!


  1. It kills me to say it but chuckles may be right. Jay Z reaches a lot more people than the biggest stick in the state posting some obscure parody Youtube video. And his lyrics are equally as mysoginistic, vile, and racist if not more so. I am not saying "art" should be censored, but at least recognize that some of that "art" is pretty terrible.

    1. Nice try on the false equivalency.

      Jay-Z- Got fane through his own creations, using his own thoughts, built his own business, still married the first time, supports his kids.

      Chuckles the Clown- Reads Bradlet Foundation talking points and has interviews scripted for him by Walker's staff. Needs wingnut welfare to get paid, on third marriage after adultering on the first two, and needed court orders to pay child support.


    2. All of that may be true. I have no idea, and dont disagree with you. However, that des not deny the fact Jay Z's lyrics are equally as racist and vile as a parody Youtube video. Which, by some sort of loose definition, could be considered art as well. Where the marching orders come from makes no difference.

  2. If you say Sykes is a racist, then he's a racist in your minds only. I do not see Journal Comm doing a thing about your rants, which is the light in the darkness you effers live in.

    Will you ever see it?

    1. Someone doth protest too much. And we don't expect JournalComm to do anything, which is why we're exposing them as condoners of this racist garbage.

      But in right-wing world, projection and victimization is a constant state of mind. Sorry guys, we grew up in the Milwaukee suburbs, and we know exactly what Chuckles was doing