Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Has Lena Taylor Betrayed One Constituent Too Many?

State Senator Lena Taylor has not been feeling much love as of late.

And that is for a good reason.

Most people tend to dislike other people who stab them in the back.

And that is exactly what Taylor has been doing to her political party, to her city and county and to her constituents.

Taylor has voted to legalize concealed carry and then doubled down on this by also voting for the castle doctrine.

Taylor also sold out on the futures of the children of Milwaukee when she became a rather vocal advocate of privatizing the schools, even though the private schools fail in every measure.

She then followed these betrayals up with stabbing her own party in the back again by making racist comments towards Sandy Pasch, saying people shouldn't vote for Pasch because she "doesn't look like them."

More recently, she turned her back on her community by not only supporting AB 85/SB 95, but also cosponsoring it.  She was the only Democrat to do so, making her treachery more plain for all to see.

It's no great wonder why her constituents are angry with her.  She's not representing them in the least bit.

Now it looks like she might have betrayed one constituent too many:
Here is a portion of the post, which has drawn more than 80 "likes" and 50 comments, including statements of support from state Reps. Peter Barca, Cory Mason, Josh Zepnick and Sandy Pasch.

"I hate that our relationship has gone to this point. I thought things would be different. But clearly not," Grigsby wrote.

"Your efforts to ruin my personal life and professional career seem to have no end. I am now looking out for ME! But no matter what, I still pray that u find happiness and contentment in yourself . . . as opposed to spending ALL your efforts on making my life miserable."

So who exactly is drawing the former politician's ire?

State Sen. Lena Taylor, according to sources. Grigsby has told friends and allies that Taylor has been spreading unfounded rumors about Grigsby's personal life to others, including the ex-lawmaker's current employer, Milwaukee Public Schools.

Insiders said Grigsby -- MPS's manager of parental and community involvement -- has even gone so far as to hire an attorney to help her decide whether to sue Taylor for slander. Grigsby, a Milwaukee Democrat, was elected to the Assembly in 2004 to fill the seat vacated by Taylor, who had been promoted to the Senate.
Taylor feigns ignorance at why Grigsby might be upset with her and tries to distract one's attention by bringing up AB 85/SB 95.

It's much more likely that she is jealous of Grigsby's integrity and the fact that Grigsby went to work for MPS, which Taylor wants to privatize.

The article goes on to say that rumor has it that Grigsby is considering a run against Taylor.  Interestingly, that would be the second name I've heard thinking of making that run against Taylor.

The good news is that both potential candidates are good, solid people and would have no problems taking Taylor out.  Not only would that allow the constituents to finally have someone representing them, but it would also take one more vote away from the Republicans, which makes it a double win for the people.


  1. But Sen. Taylor isn't up for the-election until 2016. Well, unless you're planning to have her face the voters before then due to betrayal. :)

    Wouldn't be bad to schedule that for Nov 2014 to have her be combined with Walker in a 2-for-1. And former Taylor staffers have plenty of great stories about Lena.

    There's definitely an angle she's playing by supporting the awful AB85. Now what is it?

  2. I cannot understand why anyone would support the castle doctrine law. In my opinion, this is a White Racist law, written to give freedom to White men to kill people of color.

    Has Taylor been blackmailed? Threatened to carry these laws?

    1. No, not blackmailed or threatened. Just given lots of money to turn her back on her constituents.