Thursday, April 11, 2013

Solidarity Fish Fry, Week 27 Has Been Tabled

Last week, I had the unpleasant task of informing the gentle eater that even after 25 weeks of our ongoing show of solidarity, even after being advised by the
Milwaukee Area Labor Council that they would pull all of their union business and after getting reprimanded by the National Labor Relations Board, management had Serb Hall was still being led by their greed.

In an effort to educate them and get our message into their heads, we called the management's negotiating team to advise them that we would also pull out our support of their business if they did not return to the negotiating table and start bargaining in good faith.

And that's just what we did with amazing success.

Sadly, Serb Hall still doesn't get it.

They have not returned to the negotiation table.

And if they won't return to the table, we won't return to their table.

For this Friday, eat at home, get a pizza, or go somewhere else.

But we shall send them another message by showing them that we hold true to our word, even if they won't hold true to theirs.

It was not an easy decision to make, but it was one that had to be made.

Even worse was Randy Bryce's reaction when he realized that there would be no tartar sauce:

He was inconsolable until I reminded him that other restaurants also have fish fries and have tartar sauce.  I also reminded him that we would be back at Serb Hall as soon as they return to the bargaining table.  Then Randy was all this:

So yes, we are taking this week off from the Solidarity Fish Fry.  Next week, we will consult again with our union brothers and sisters at Local 122 to review the matter and see what our next action will be.


  1. Money talks. Let's hope mgt gets the message.

  2. Today's labor movement increasingly is incapable of standing up for workers -- too few unions covering too few people.

    So just why do we divide ourselves so that walker can raise millions and conquer us?

    Is today's labor movement capable of changing and moving towards a more inclusive model or will it continue to cherry pick the industries and workers it supports and leave the rest behind.

    Something tells me serb hall is not at all concerned about whether labor shows up for fish fries and the tiny and decreasing numbers in unions demonstrate why.

    Solidarity means nothing if we divide workers ourselves. In fact -- doing so plays into the hands of those that would crush us,

    1. The issue of whether Serb Hall is concerned or not isn't the point or our actions. It is part of a larger strategy which they will care about.

      We are still in support of our union sisters and brothers. The fact that you miss that is something you should be of concern to you.

  3. Judging by both the tone and substance of your message, when you're suggesting a "more inclusive model," it sounds as though you include the management group at Serb Hall as part of the solution. Not part of the problem.

  4. morons like capper think that "SOLIDARITY" is merely a circle around their own feets and mojowork-n doesn't get it either.

    Given that Americas labor movement has proven itself to be:

    *incapable of growing and promoting economic justice for all workers

    *ineffective when making strong proclaimations against management and absolutely incapable of walking the walker behind their smart talk

    *entirely disinterested in promoting equity and living wages for ALL Americans

    *Disinterested in promoting boycotts against the corporate interests that put workers down and keep them in their place. We need peaceful economic action, off-the-table with our current dysfuctional union movement.

    There is no reason for the vast majority of Americans to support current unions.

    And talk of building a more effective cohesive labor movement?

    Flamed and insulted here...

    It is a shame that a few build a web-platform to spread the lie that the rest of American workers have no choice but to stand by their "brothers" when they themselves are being screwed by the same economic system and interests that America's unions are in cohoots with.

    I will visit this site to see what type of crap is being posted -- but this blog is never going to be helpful in promoting change because the selfish attitude that unions are perfect and the rest of us can get screwed will never win elections.

    Disappointing -- but maybe if a few of the morons that think the world revolves around them get knocked down a few notches, they will learn what SOLIDARITY means.

    disgraceful blog though -- there was a time when it wasn't so self-centered and intolerant to others that support labor rights and living wages, but want a voice in the dialog.

    No one that posts here regularly has any idea what the word SOLIDARITY means -- it

    1. You have a funny way of showing your solidarity with people, don't you. But judging by your spelling and grammar, you might not even know what it means.

  5. Yuck. Distasteful name-calling and arrogance. Just what everybody admires.....