Thursday, April 25, 2013

Caption This!

I've heard of Napoleon Complexes, but still...



  1. Ooooh that feels good. Wonder if anyone is watching.

  2. The vibrator control for my butt plug is turned down too low. Now, wait, which way is the little dial on the end of the chord turned when it comes out to my left...

    ...Pity you don't have the follow-up photograph to this one, taken two seconds later.

  3. As a true patroit this is offensive libel and slander.
    This is the kind of stuff is what gives the democrat party a bad name. What a sick sense of humor.

    When you have nothing to say then make juvenile bad jokes.

    The country is going to hell in a shopping basket and you encourage nonsense like this. Then you expect people to take everything you say serious. How did that famous john dough investigation come out? Many happy endings I think.

    Meantime the Republican Party is doing what needs to be done. Exposing and attacking the country's problems in a serious problem solving fashion. Poor students excelling in school and then getting into the finest colleges. Welfare mothers pawning their cadillacs to do a startup. Real stories of personal success through hard work. Can you libs even spell gravitass?

    Rick Santorum tells story of dog urinating on him, talks welfare reform in Grosse Pointe

    GROSSE POINTE, MI – When Rick Santorum was going door-to-door in Pennsylvania in his 1990 congressional campaign, an old lady’s dog urinated on his lap.

    Santorum used the anecdote of the embarrassing animal encounter to grab the attention of a crowd of students at Grosse Pointe South High School on Wednesday in a speech about leadership and perseverance.

    He continued knocking on doors that day despite the wet lap, and came to the home of famous Pittsburgh Pirates baseball player Kent Tekulve. When the pitcher opened the door and looked down at his stained pants, Santorum said “Mr. Tekulve, I’m so excited to meet you.”

    Talk about git-r-dun!
    Also no coverage of the George W. Paint-By-Numbers art museum opening? Five presidents and nothing here about that!
    One thing is for sure is the democrat party has nothing like these guys.

  4. Rick Santorum has a lap full of dog piss and he's your hero because he's excited to meet Kent (Can't find home plate with a map and compass) Tekulve? That's soooo ...meaningful and symbolic and revealing.


    No, thankfully, the Democratic Party has nothing like those guys.

    Anonymous. The same one who put up the butt plug joke, because, well -- Democrats (and liberals and progressives in general) have a sense of humor. While you obviously don't have a clue.