Monday, April 15, 2013

Making An Ugly Thing Even Uglier

Horrible, inexplicable events like the bombings that happened in Boston are bound to stir strong emotional responses, regardless of who you are.

Fortunately, as there are some beautiful people out there - the ones that donate money, supplies, their homes, their blood.  The ones that first worry about the needs of the victims and their families.

And in balance, there are those who show the ugly side of their natures by trying to hurt through their ignorance and their hate.

The bombings in Boston are no exception.

The corporate media are in angst because President Obama didn't feed into their fear and smear method of "news reporting" by not using the word terrorism.

Then there is the Faux Noise contributor who is screaming for genocide.

Also spouting off are the usual teahadists who can't understand why we pay taxes.  Here's a nice reminder of how shallow that attitude can be:

And going deeper into the psychotic side of the pool, we have the expected reaction - Benghazi!  

And what would be any tragedy without the fools from Westboro having a field day over the deaths and injuries and promising to protest the funerals.

Thank goodness that the good people vastly outnumber the bad people.  Let it always be so.

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