Saturday, April 13, 2013

Are Bill Kramer and James Wigderson just a pair of great big cowards?

Only two days after GOP State Rep. Bill Kramer walked out of Lac Courte Oreilles Tribal Chairman Gordon Thayer's State of the Tribes address, ( which included the statement, regarding passage of the recent mining bill, that we should never let outsiders write our laws for us ), Jim Wigderson rushed to Kramer's defense with an explanation: tribal hypocrisy was just too much for poor Bill. 

Kramer is the Waukesha wannabe tough guy famous only for carrying a concealed handgun onto the floor of the Assembly. Kramer must be the Tony Soprano of the legislature, a notion which is supported by the overblown Wigder as he finished his weekly column for the Waukesha Freeman with this gem : " As for Thayer, he should remember what the great philosopher Tony Soprano once said, “Those who want respect give respect.” Is that a quote from Bill, Wiggy?

Wow! Those Waukesha boys are some mighty rough customers! Packin' heat and quotin' Tony Soprano! Yikes!

Wigderson goes on to tell us that Kramer is a tribal member himself, ( though no mention of where he's enrolled ) and that the tribes are generally being bad neighbors up in the northwoods. Jimmy sounds like quite the expert on northern Wisconsin, and no doubt Kramer is an expert on all things Anishinaabeg.

So it shouldn't be too heavy a lift for this pair of hardnosed Waukesha gunslingers to take a trip up to northern Wisconsin to see what's going on. Call some tribal leaders, ( surely Kramer has some cousins, being a tribal member and all ), and ask them to take you on a tour of the proposed Gogebic Taconite mine site in the Penokee Hills. You guys can invite the local press and make a speech or two about how the tribes are bad neighbors and hypocrites. C'mon, men: bring that bold and brash Waukesha trash talk up north and show us how tough you are! Gordon Thayer traveled all the way to Madison to speak, so surely the two of you can come up here and do the same.

And if it helps you calm your nerves, you can bring your hidden handguns along.


  1. Apparently he is indeed an enrolled member of the Red Cliff Band (people have checked the records), but it doesn't sound as though he's ever spent much time there. He wouldn't be the first person to reject his cultural heritage but then use it for political purposes.

  2. Hey Krrrrray-mah! If the LCO guy hurt your pwecious feewings, maybe you should try to do things that don't piss them off. Otherwise, get a helmet.

    "Unintimidated." Indeed.

  3. Short and sweet, Steve. A bit of humor injected into a sad state of affairs. Keep it up. We need to mock these dumb bunnies.

  4. Dumb bunnies, Jim? Dumbasses, without a doubt.