Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Plutocracy Bill And The Pay For Play Factor

For the past week or so, the minions of Milwaukee County Emperor Executive Chris Abele have been trying to mislead people with their faux outrage over the alleged negotiations between the County Board and the unions, because, you know, Act 10 has been working so well.  (But just because they are advocating against the union, don't think they are anti-union.  Just ask them, they'll tell you.)

Undoubtedly, they're trying to stir up a swarm of hornets is to distract people from noticing that they don't have much in the way of support for their plutocratic power grab.

The list of people that spoke or registered for the Plutocracy Bill at the Assembly's public hearing (held in Madison but not in Milwaukee) is, with the exception of two people, a list of Teapublicans, their staffers or members of the Greater Milwaukee Committee (GMC):

  • Joe Sanfelippo - Representative - 15th Assembly District (Teapublican)
  • Bob Delaporte - Senator Alberta Darling (Teapublican
  • Chris Abele - County Executive - Milwaukee County (GMC)
  • Rich Muessen - Badger Meter (A Diane Hendricks grade teahadist)
  • Chas Mulcahy (GMC county task force member)
  • Julia Taylor - Greater Milwaukee Committee
  • Paul Tittl - Representative - 25th District (Teapublican)
  • Joseph Rice (Teapublican rumored to be doing work for GMC)
  • Lena Taylor - Senator - 4th Senate District (sell out Democrat)
  • Jason Fields - Global Ex, LLC (Also the front man for the GMC front group)
  • Tia Torhorst (Former Abele aide)
  • Michael Neitzke - Mayor - City of Greenfield
  • Steve Scaffidi - Mayor - City of Oak Creek
  • Brian Schopper - Greater Milwaukee Committee
  • Orville Seymer - CRG Network
  • Deanna Alexander - Supervisor - Milwaukee County Board
  • Alonzo Kelly (GMC)
  • Leah Vukmir - Senator - 5th Senate District
  • George Mitchell (education profiteer)
It is rather suspicious that not all of the GMC members identified themselves as such.  I guess that kind of lying falls into the "It's Only OK If A Plutocrat Does It" category.

But the fact that GMC had their minions testifying for their bill is one thing.  But when it comes to pay for play, that is another subject altogether.

I've already reported about how Abele was bragging to radio squawker Jay Weber that he has given campaign contributions to Sanfelippo and Dale Kyooenga within weeks of their voting on this bill.  

Now we find that Milwaukee County Supervisor Deanna Alexander, who can't find her way around her district or has even the simplest understanding of her job, is going to the beneficiary of both Abele and the GMC:

Is there any guesses on how Alexander is going to vote on Thursday regarding the board's self "reform" bill?  (What will also be interesting is to see how Alexander votes on the taxi resolution since it could hurt Sanfelippo.)

And yes, in case the gentle reader was wondering, this in direct violation of the code of ethics.  Not that ethics and this group are even passing acquaintances.

There was a time when this sort of behavior was prosecuted. There was a time when this sort of corruption would never have been tolerated.

Now it's considered standard operating procedures.

Of course, before this type of bribery was accepted, people used to value democracy too.

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