Monday, April 15, 2013

When fascism comes to America, it will come wrapped in a jobs bill

For the longest time, teahadists and other fascists would excuse their boorish behavior and flat out hatred of all things good as being "patriotic" or part of their "Christian values."

In Fitzwalkerstan, they've decided to change things up.  Instead of the using a flag
or a cross, they are using the terms "jobs" and "tax cuts."

Women can't chose what happens to their bodies because that'll create a tax cut.

Poor people can't have health care because that will create a tax cut.

The environment has to be polluted to create jobs.

We can't have a job creating high speed rail system because we need to create jobs.

You get the drift.

Now the latest in this line of bullpucky is that usury creates jobs:
Exempting those businesses from the Consumer Protection Act would give consumers more choices, and sets outs rules for both the industry and buyers, according to Vos, a Burlington-area Republican.

Rent-to-own stores in the area, like Rent-A-Center, formerly at 1130 Washington Ave., shuttered their doors in part because of push-back from state leaders, namely former Gov. Jim Doyle. A flurry of lawsuits in the late 1990s and early 2000s additionally forced certain companies, including Rent-A-Center, to disclose annual interest rates in Wisconsin.

But Wirch and other Democrats say the exemption would allow those businesses to “prey on consumers” by not fully disclosing their fees in terms of annual interest rates, which can run as high as three or four times the product’s actual value.

It’s an especially dangerous exemption in Racine County, where the rate of unemployment and poverty tops most of the state, Wirch said.

But that’s the same reason some Republicans, like Vos, support the measure: jobs.

“Our top priority this session is to create the best environment for private-sector job creation,” Vos said in an email last week.
So allowing a company to gouge their prey for whatever amount of money they want is going to create job how? Or is the job creation in the part where they don't have to tell how much they are charging?

Vos apparently has replaced his brains with one of his stale popcorn balls. Depressing an economically depressed region will not create jobs. And there are very few places more economically depressed than Fitzwalkerstan.

Now some might think that the only reason that the Teapublicans are pushing this is because of all the kickbacks from the pay-to-owe companies and their lobbyists. They might be right, too.

But I think that it just might be more of a professional courtesy.

I mean, can you think of anyone that rips off people as much as these fly by night usurers than the Teapublicans?


  1. "Rent to Own" is probably #1 on the usury hit parade, but Payday loan stores have got to be #2.

  2. Rent-To-Own and Payday Loans are two of the biggest campaign donors to Robin Vos and his merry band of fascist Republican legislators in Wisconsin. Vos and his ilk foist these usury businesses on voters and expect us to believe they are doing consumers a favor???? NOT. There's a special place in Hades for Mr. Vos.