Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Walker Agenda Is Still Working! Part CLXXVII

No, really, it's really working:
Foremost Farms, one of the state's largest dairy cooperatives, is closing a cheese plant and idling another plant indefinitely - resulting in more than 100 employee layoffs.

The Baraboo-based cooperative says it's closing a plant in Alma Center that makes mozzarella cheese for foodservice markets and is idling a plant in Waumandee which makes cheddar cheese.

The Alma Center plant closing will result in the loss of 52 jobs on June 30, while the idling of the Waumandee plant will result in indefinite layoffs for about 50 employees, also on June 30.
The article goes on with even better news. It says that even though they will have one hundred less workers, they plan on making even more cheese. Nothing like pushing people to point where mistakes are more likely. There's now a better chance of one buying a chunk of cheddar with someone's finger in it.

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