Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Calgarians For Prosperity?

As small solace, news is breaking that we are not the only ones under the influence of greedy oligarchs and plutocrats.  Calgary, Alberta, Canada has their own wealthy bastards that think they should be able to buy the city government, just like the Koch brothers, Greater Milwaukee Committee and Bradley Foundation, to name but a few.

But back to Calgary, one of the city's wealthiest home builders is caught on tape telling his fellow 1%ers what they need to do to take control of the city.  As one would expect, outrage ensued:
After seeing the tape, political analyst Duane Bratt called the recording ‘a smoking gun.’

“It is clear there is an expectation from the developers that you will do our bidding,” says Bratt. “And there will be no independence, we will tell you how to vote.”

Mayor Naheed Nenshi says the way the group is apparently going about its agenda for change is especially revealing.

“When you see this live, captured on tape in this way, it’s very distasteful,” Nenshi says. “And as viewers watch this, I think they will agree this is shadowy, weird and unpleasant.

“I have no idea what this small group of extremely wealthy individuals is so mad about. Our housing starts are really healthy. They all admit the industry is extremely profitable.”

Nenshi is now calling for an investigation into possible wrong-doing based on what he’s seen in the video.
Like I said, small solace.

 First we have to clean up our mess before we can help with theirs.


  1. It's the same mess. Kochroaches running wild.

    They have a kochroach infestation right there at the Fraser Institute. Preston Manning is a fellow kochsucker too.

    Not to mention Tarsands and Koch.

  2. Thanks capper.

  3. The Wisconsin gallery seems to be the first to limit or eliminate personal recording devices, and it's solely for this purpose.

    I think Wisconsin, like Indiana and Michigan have been testing grounds for some of their "laws" to see what will stick and what won't. Notice how each state seems to all have the same motives, yet they each go about it in a slightly different way.

  4. From Where oh Jesus,From where does edmonton 3 term mayor Stephen mandel get his teflon Don invisibility cloak.If this windsorite & his "wealthy"pals aren't playing us buffalo herd of gullible hard-working local taxpayors.stars of the local media & true oilerfans for every freaking hard earned penny they can ruthlessly&dictatorially milk out of us then the sun will rise in the west tomorrow.