Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Just Another Day in Wisconsin!

By Jeff Simpson

A quick look at the headlines, and you will find out that April 30, 2013, is just your typical day in Wisconsin.  

First thing we see is that there are more Wisconsinites losing their jobs, 100 at one plant and 90 Wisconsin workers at another.  

While we lose hundreds of jobs a day, the two papers of record are on it.  The Wisconsin State Journal is so upset that they decided to attack public school teachers (yet again) in their editorial.  JSOnline has decided to prioritize advocating for less democracy in Milwaukee County. 

While we all wish that our media was more competent, its the legislators that can really get something done. With Wisconsin dropping to 44th(out of 50) in jobs created and obviously losing jobs by the day, let us check in and see what the legislature has on its plate to help fix this:

1.    The extremist personhood law, declaring life at first date!

2.    Limiting voting hours.

3.    More Austerity!

These days all of this right wing extremist crazy and hundreds of job losses in WIsconsin are so common place that no one even blinks*.

Except AFP-WI who parties everytime we have bad Wisconsin news!


  1. Yep, time to get more jobs by attacking the judicial branch of government, as well.

    That will take of the jobs problem.

    The GOP is on it.

  2. My husband had an interesting theory about all these jobs leaving, unions getting emasculated and unemployment duration getting slashed. Walker is trying to make sure the bulk of the middle class is unemployed or underemployed so then people will be so poor that they will take any crappy job (aka Rent-a-Center) just to have some money. Then we can be like every other southern state in the US! Wississipi here we come.