Friday, April 12, 2013

AB 85 - Most Definitely Not A Populist Movement

It's common knowledge that AB 85, the plutocratic power grab bill written and sponsored by the Greater Milwaukee Committee, is nothing more than a blatant hostile corporate takeover of Milwaukee County.  They are fed up with not getting their way all the time and making the county their personal playground.

I also noted that during the public listening session (that would be obviously non-listening session for the Republicans) that the prime suspects speaking in favor of the usurpation was the people that wrote it (GMC) or their employees.

Kindly enough, today the GMC confirmed my reporting.

They sent out one of their email blasts via their front group "MY Milwaukee."  In said email, they cite "a wide-range of community members in support of the reforms."

Yeah, right.

Here is their "community members":

  • Richard Meeusen, President and CEO of Badger Meter, and member of the GMC Board;
  • Jason Fields, former state legislator who got booted or of office for selling out to the school profiteers and now employed as the head of the GMC lobbying front group;
  • Joe Sanfelippo, whom they mistakenly identify as the bill's author.  Remember that Abele proudly announced his acts of bribery by giving Sanfelippo campaign donations while this bill was being introduced.
  • Julia Taylor, the head of the GMC.
  • Brian Schupper, Policy Director for GMC and the schmuck who sends out the email blasts for MY Milwaukee.
Noticeably absent from the list is Chris Abele and Orville Seymer.  I wonder why that would be.

Regardless of the omissions, this is not exactly a list of commoners.  They might be members of the community, but they could be more accurately described as members of the rich country club.

Also worth noting is that their arrogance is getting away from them.  Here is a screencap of the bottom of the email:

Click to embiggen

The gentle reader should note that they aren't even trying anymore to pretend that MY Milwaukee is their front group.  I look forward to the day when we will see something like "The Koch's Americans for Prosperity" or "Bradley Foundation's MacIver Institute."

I also noted that they are practicing a wee bit of plagiarism.  Their mission statement reads:
The Make it Your (MY) Milwaukee County Initiative is a broad-based coalition of local businesses, community organizations and individuals that have joined together to address the fiscal and structural challenges facing Milwaukee County in a way that will make the community a better place to live, work and play.
I can't help notice how similar that is to Milwaukee County First's statement:
Milwaukee County First is a grassroots network of organizations and individuals from all walks of life, united to amplify their voices in the cause of stopping the decline of Milwaukee County, restoring its assets and services to their former first class status, and keeping Milwaukee County a place where people will want to work, to play, and to live.
It's not too surprising though.

GMC hasn't done anything honestly throughout this whole ordeal.


  1. it must be rough to blog on behalf of a group of criminals every day!
    funny how I don't see any stories about the FRAUD your beloved board has been involved in..
    your elected board chairwoman is basically calling all of you that believe her do you like her now? she chose NOT to answer a direct question that the public has the right to know and the board put a gag order on an elected she lied to state reps and is ignoring legal advice that could cost the county millions. this is nothing but a "good ol boyz" wonder unionista hacks like you defend this group of fools..cuz they're in bed with your union! that referendum can't come soon enough! down with these elected thieves!

    1. Ah, the coherence and literacy of the average right-wing radio listener.

    2. Shaina, I don't know why you wouldn't use your name since your horrible but peculiar writing style gives you away immediately.

      But there has been no fraud by the board, but plenty of lies by your boy Abele.

      And if you had any clue of what you speak of, you would know that closed meetings are not to be spoken of publicly, hence them being called closed sessions. Look at how they censured Lynne De Bruin for exposing the horrible things going on at BHD. That information was brought up in a closed session. Your friend Sanfelippo, who will soon be facing charges, was the one that led that charge. So your complaint actually makes you not only foolish, but also hypocritical.

      But since you're being so ignorant, I won't waste my time explaining all the tens of millions of dollars that your boy Abele has already cost the taxpayers and that number will continue to grow.

      Have a nice day tantruming like Abele.

    3. I just want to clear something up, IF the board is negotiating with the unions, AND by being upset with that, you say "that could cost the county millions". That says you are in support of ACT10 which, with the benefit of hindsight, we see could be the worst possible bill ever written and passed in WI.

      Let me refer to my facebook group and you can see who has cost who exactly!

      Or here to see the same!

    4. FaceBook group is here -

    5. Funny thing, actually, it's not funny, it's sad, is that Shaina was out there protesting Act 10. Now she likes it.

  2. 5:59a,

    Thanks for bringing up "unions," keep up the fine work.

    "How Germany Builds Twice as Many Cars as the U.S. While Paying Its Workers Twice as Much"

    Capitalism is the laws of Supply and DEMAND. If 1% own 40% the country, DEMAND collapses and so does the economy.

  3. Thanks for the link JC, I hadnt seen that before very interesting!