Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Lawmakers Harrassing The Constitution

By Jeff Simpson

The Manitowoc News brings us the story of ASSemblyman Garey Bies

A Wisconsin lawmaker is pushing for tougher laws to deter people who would intimidate or harm members of the Legislature and their families.Under legislation introduced by Rep. Garey Bies, a Republican from Sister Bay, acts such as striking, shoving or kicking a lawmaker or a family member with no legitimate reason would face harsher penalties.

For one all of this os obviously already illegal and secondly, what legitimate reason would anyone have to  "striking, shoving or kicking a lawmaker or a family member"?  

As is the theme here, but wait there is more:

Bies said harassment of lawmakers is a longstanding issue but has worsened since Gov. Scott Walker signed a law in 2011 that effectively ended collective bargaining for most public workers. Opponents of that measure “would stand in your face and bump into you,” Bies said. “They chased you down the hallway and all the way to the office.”
Just look on the bright side,  I hear they are considering adding - pretending your an elected official running away from your constituents as a new Olympic event! 

Bies said he has personal experience. During that tumultuous period, he said he got enough derogatory calls at home that he got caller ID.
 Wow, as a legislator, his constituents called him so much he had to get Caller ID!  Of course  Caller ID was introduced to the US in the late 1980's, we cant expect our republican legislators to be up on the latest in technology, heck its only been out 25 years. 

The restroom of his restaurant was vandalized twice within two weeks during September 2011, which he attributed to his status as a legislator.
 I never heard of a public restroom being "vandalized".  Care to expand on what exactly happened and how you know it was people who disagree with you?  Any arrests made? or should we just enact laws on based on conjecture?  

 Under current law, people who intentionally harm a public official can be convicted of a Class I felony, punishable by up to 31/2 years in prison. Bies’ legislation would create a Class A misdemeanor — punishable by up to nine months in prison — for acts of repeated intimidation or use of force to influence a lawmaker’s action, or for lingering within 100 yards of his or her private property.
 Does that mean Charlie Sykes will be arrested soon?   Can we expect that Verify the recall website will be taken down

Acts that cause a lawmaker or family member’s fear of death would be a Class H felony, meaning up to six years in prison.

So the bigger the coward the politico is, the more severe the penalty is.  Got it!  

Bies said he supports freedom of speech, but there’s a line people shouldn’t cross when they disagree.
More accurate:  Bies said he supports free speech, as long as you agree with him.  Attaboy's only! 

Sen. Lena Taylor, D-Milwaukee, and Rep. Samantha Kerkman, R-Randall, are co-sponsoring the proposal.
See Plale, Jeff and Fields, Jason.  

 Madison police last year cited a Racine man who they said was involved in dumping a glass of beer on the head of Assembly Speaker Robin Vos. The suspect’s motive was unclear.
 The Motives were very clear, the suspect was a goof and Robin Vos is a douchebag!   

“This bill is a solution in search of a problem,” Chris Ahmuty, executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Wisconsin said in a statement
Well Duh.  However we can give the Wisconsin republicans in Government a break, its not like that have any other more pressing issues



  1. And of course Milwaukee's favorite turncoat, Lena (I'm really a Republican) Taylor is co-sponsoring the bill. Her constituents NEED to find a competent person to run in that spot!

  2. Given that Republicans have a proclivity for exaggerating or outright lying about alleged harassment or vandalism, this law will become a handy device for imprisoning political opponents, especially in counties with corrupt Republican D.A.s and right-wing judges.

    It's revealing of their arrogant sense of entitlement that Republican legislators would propose creating a special first-class level of citizenship for themselves. I recommend that ordinary, second-class citizens video any interaction they have with Republicans or Lena Taylor, so as to prevent them from filing false charges. Because, they will, you know they will.

  3. One more thing: First class citizens should have to wear some sort of identifying logo on their clothing so that second-class citizens will know which insulting, racist, obnoxious drunk it's against the law to touch.

  4. cant you tell by their oversized Badger sweatshirt they bought at WalMart?

  5. "or for lingering within 100 yards of his or her private property."

    This part is very chilling, and it's easy to think of situations where the rights of lingerers may be infringed upon. No more picketing in front of the Gov.s house.

    1. If this had been law, we never would have known that Senator Randy Hopper was having an adulterous relationship with a woman half his age. We learned of Randy's bed-hopping when union members went to picket the house where he once lived with his wife and children. Maybe Republicans can insert a "Family Values" exemption so protesters can go to the houses of legislators engaged in fornication outside of marriage between a man and woman. Of course, Robin Vos would stop such language from seeing the light of day.

  6. Republicans are suffering the result of their "divide and conquer" strategy. They continually abuse a group of people and complain if they fight back.

  7. Unintimidated!!!

    What a wuss, and a porker as well, given that he propped a $5 million harbor project in his district that just got slipped into the budget