Saturday, April 27, 2013

The Reality of the Bush Years

By Jeff Simpson

With the opening of the Bush Library,, there was much revisionist history flowing.  We will let John Fugelsang set the record straight:

Also just in case you needed 50 reasons to remember reality!


  1. 7,5 years of prosperity is way better than the last 4 years of high unemployment and repeated terrorist attacks by Islamic Jihadists. And we have four more years of things getting worse.

    Democrats are trying to get their friends Obamacare exemptions as I write.

  2. In what fantasy world did Bush have "7.5 years of prosperity"? They barely went 6 years between recessions (2001-2007), and almost all "growth" in those years was funneled to 1%ers and house-flippers. In fact, Bush presided over the worst job growth in an "expansion" since the 1920s.

    And of course, it was Dubya's voodoo economics that led to the economic crash and debt that we're still trying to recover from. The revisionist history that's trying to be done for a bottom 5 president like Bush illustrates just how gutless and dishonest the typical right-winger is today.