Sunday, April 21, 2013

Committee to Hold Public Hearing on Local Reform Measures

As I had reported, the Milwaukee County Board will be holding a public hearing session regarding their bold and sweeping reform agenda on Monday afternoon:
Intergovernmental Relations Committee to Hold Public Hearing on Local Reform Measures 
4 p.m. Monday, April 22, 2013 
Milwaukee County Courthouse 
901 N. 9th St., Room 203 R 
Public hearing will allow Milwaukee County residents an opportunity to speak out on County governance reforms

(MILWAUKEE) – The County Board’s Committee on Intergovernmental Relations will hold a public hearing on local reforms on Monday, April 22, 2013, at the Milwaukee County Courthouse, 901 N. 9th St., in Room 203R.

Those interested in reviewing the details of the reform package can access it online via Milwaukee County CLIC (County Legislative Information Center) at  The reform package (File No. 13-397) is sponsored by Supervisors Dimitrijevic, Lipscomb, Romo West, Cullen, Jursik, Borkowski, Bowen, Schmitt, Broderick, and Haas.

Under the proposed reform package, the budget of the County Board would be cut by 50 percent and Supervisors’ salaries would be cut by 20 percent.  Other reforms include:

  • Clarification of roles and responsibilities
  • Independent Intergovernmental Relations
  • Streamline processes
  • Follow-up on audit for additional countywide and operational efficiencies
After this reform is passed on Monday, it goes up before the whole Board on Thursday, which will shoot down another talking point from Chris Abele and his minions, who are still trying to say the Board isn't going to follow through with it.

Then again, Abele and his minion will still say the Board won't pass the reform bill even after it's been passed.

Meanwhile, we're still waiting for Abele to hold his first listening session.  It's starting to seem like he doesn't care what the people want.

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