Saturday, April 13, 2013

Walkergate: Werrie's Reward

As the gentle reader might recall, Cullen Werwie, Scott Walker's spokesman, had originally worked on the unsuccessful campaign of Brett Davis, Walker's first choice for Lieutenant Governor.  When Davis couldn't beet Rebecca Kleefisch, even with Walker's illegally politicking for him, Werwie jumped to Walker's campaign.

While the Walkergate investigation was going on, we learned that Werwie's granted him immunity in order to get him to talk.  Not that it helped much.
involvement was so deep that the prosecutors

Despite his criminal activities, Walker made Werwie his gubernatorial spokesman.  But now for his loyalty and more importantly, his silence, Werwie is getting his reward:
Cullen Werwie, who served as the spokesman for Gov. Scott Walker since he was elected in November 2010, is leaving the governor's office.

On Monday, Werwie will start his new job as agency communications liaison at the state Department of Administration, Walker announced Friday. Werwie's new post will come with a $6,000 pay raise — he will bring in $70,000 a year at DOA after making $64,000 per year in the governor's office.
Yes, yes, I know. You thought the state was broke. Well it is for you or me. But for the wealthy, well, we're their personal own piggy bank.

One would think that Walker would have jettisoned Werwie a long time ago to distance himself from the taint of corruption.  Especially if he has aspirations to be president some day.  But than again, Walker is so corrupt himself that the probably no longer can tell the difference between right and wrong anyway.


  1. Maybe.
    Doesn't seem like much of a reward although it's probably a lot easier job since he won't have to spend all of his time making up excuses. There is an equal chance that he was ousted for trying to be more honest with his press releases. Now that would be refreshing.

  2. Given how DOA allegedly gave the Census Bureau the wrong revenue numbers yesterday and made Scotty look like even more of a failure, maybe that's Cullen new job- making sure the "right figures" get out from DOA.

  3. This is about DOA needing a stronger spokesperson to deal with the crackdown on the Solidarity singers and our First Amendment rights -- ongoing attempts to silence dissenters of his fascist regime.

    1. Try looking at the common sense logic of Wisconsin Republican leaders. Guns in the legislative chambers are not dangerous. Singing is.