Friday, October 18, 2013

Abele Won't Fight Double Decker Highway

Once again showing his true colors, Chris Abele is ignoring the will of the people in favor of currying favor with his mentor, Scott Walker, per the reporting of Gretchen Schuldt:
County Executive Chris Abele said Wednesday night that he will not fight the state on freeway
expansion because he does not want to offend the Walker administration.

Asked during a Story Hill Neighborhood Association meeting whether he would allow the health of a neighborhood to be endangered, Abele responded, “I oppose endangering a relationship with the state.”

Abele trotted out a sports metaphor, comparing the Walker administration to a baseball umpire. Public arguments with the ump don’t help the team, he said.

Abele at one point referred toWisDOT’s proposal for a double-deck freeway or “whatever.”
It's not surprising that Abele won't fight Walker on anything, no matter how loudly the people might speak out against it.

First of all, Abele and Walker are more like kindred spirits than most people are willing to admit.

Secondly, Abele needs to keep rebuilding all of the political capital he has spent in the last two years in getting an unneeded and unwanted comptroller and usurping power from the County Board.

After all, who knows when he might want to usurp more power from the board. Or maybe, given how his "balanced" budget is more than $3 million off and illegal as hell, he might need his Republican allies to pass a law that his budget doesn't have to be balanced either.

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