Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Leo Gerard on Mary Burke

Via Jud Lounsbury, here is Leo Gerard with Sly on the Mary Burke candidacy:

"Is that the best we can find?"

I did point out a couple of days ago that Labor is no longer providing cover for the corporate Dems.


  1. Short answer to your question: NO

    Not best we can find -- but likely the only choice we will have -- Vinehout will not be able to raise enough money to compete effectively in primary

    Not likely anyone else will come forward, but if they do, this further erodes Vinehout's fundraising.

    What does this say about the Democratic Party of Wisconsin?

    You have written about this extensively -- I will just reinforce what I believe you have expressed -- not a pretty picture.

  2. No way! Burke is part of the problem, not part of the solution in patching America's workforce fabric. We need a progressive, NOW!

  3. We need a debate on all the problems the state faces that takes place outside the frame that will be set by the Republican dominated media. The only way this will happen is if we have a primary. Vinehout would be the perfect catalyst for this debate as she is very knowledgeable on state budgetary issues, healthcare and the damage that mining, especially frac sand mining is doing to the state, not to mention her experience in the healthcare arena and as a family farmer.

    If the Democratic party can reject the top-down impulse it will be strengthened by a civil debate, not weakened. Otherwise Burke will find herself advised by consultants to default-shift to the right in search of the mythical uncommitted voter.

    I think Burke can be a strong candidate and there is absolutely no reason why she can't criticize the actions of Trek in fighting Federal worker retraining benefits. Many former executives criticize the actions of the companies they worked for, it is not that unusual.

  4. Vinehout's endorsement was rescinded by Planned Parenthood for her help in crafting the "conscience clause", so let's not describe her as a Progressive.