Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Luke Hilgemann Says "Bring It"

By Jeff Simpson

Then runs for the hills and hides!

Our friends at PRWatch came across an email where Luke Hilgemann, then state director for Americans for (their own) Prosperity, wrote saying if there was going to bad press  --- "Bring It.".

An August 28 email from Hilgemann, regarding the bad press from the paper and CMD (and sent one day after CMD's article), lays out some of the strategy. “Let me be as direct as I can with this recent attention to USW… BRING IT!”

Then we found out that Luke was a member of the United Sportsmen, attempted theft of Wisconsin taxpayer money and learned that what Mr. Hilgemann meant was "bring me as much Wisconsin taxpayer money are you can."

Typically, after Hilgemann's macho Bring it, line and after getting caught with his hand in the cookie jar, he has mysteriously disappeared from view!

Hilgemann, Suder's former top aide, hasn't responded to repeated requests for interviews over the United Sportsmen grant. But privately, he wasn't shy about giving his thoughts on the matter.

The effect of light shining on Hilgemann, appears to have the same effect as some other species!

Here is an exclusive picture of Hilgemann addressing a Kathy Nickolaus appreciation party, where he informs everyone in the room - "Sorry about your kids public schools, but we need to cut their aid so I can be rewarded for all of my time playing the good soldier."

In the "taxed enough already", small Government, free market AFP, this massive taxpayer cash grab was rewarded with a promotion!  They felt if he could fleece $250,000 a year from Wisconsin taxpayers, imagine how much he could get from the Federal Government - so off to Virginia he went!

Here is Hilgemann, saying good bye to his followers,  as he leaves for greener pastures.  Ironically every green t-shirt stands for $10,000 of WI taxpayer money Scott Suder had planned on handing him to make the move easier.


  1. I do admire them their loyalty, though.

  2. They're having such trouble getting the truth out. If only there was a reporter or a TV journalist or a blogger or some way they could share their whole true story!

  3. Total loser !!!!!

  4. When he says bring it I hope it is a fraud or racketeering indictment.

  5. The bully screams 'bring it on' while he's running away?

    Why doesn't that surprise me...

  6. Quitter. Reminds me of the opportunist and exploiter Palin. He is a cut and run carpetbagger.