Saturday, October 26, 2013

Zerban for Congress!

During his tenure as a US Congressman for the First District in Wisconsin, Paul Ryan has done much.

He drank $350 bottles of wine.  He's introduced a Medicare plan that is more expensive than anything else out there.  He's tried to get Grandma to learn to appreciate cat food as a nutritional, tasty meal.  He's washed empty pans.  He had run - and lost - in a campaign to be Vice President of the United States.  He's made it easier for people to bring in trophy polar bear carcasses to our country.  He's ran in marathons at super human speeds.

About the only thing Paul Ryan hasn't done is represent the people of Wisconsin.

If he is again reelected, we can only expect more of the same from him, with the exception of the a possible run to be the President of the United States.

But there is hope.  There is a man that is willing to not only represent the people of Wisconsin, but to fight for them.

Rob Zerban
That man is a Rob Zerban and even as I write this, he is currently in Southeastern Wisconsin announcing that he is going to take on Paul Ryan in 2014.

For those that read Cog Dis regularly, Zerban should be a familiar name.  He ran against Ryan in the last cycle and damned near beat him then.  In fact, Zerban trounced Ryan in Ryan's hometown of Janesville.  The only thing that saved Ryan's butt that day was the gerrymandered voting districts that gave Ryan the deep red area of Walkersha County.

But unlike some candidates who also lost that year, Zerban did not sit back and just shrug his shoulders.  He did not give up or lose interest.

If anything, he did the opposite.  He got more invested in the district and in state.  Whether it was a labor event, a call for immigration reform or standing up for women's rights, Zerban was there, with his sleeves rolled up and working hard.

I would say that it's a fair statement to say that in the last two yearrs, Rob Zerban has done more for the district than Paul Ryan has done in his entire career as their so-called representative.

It is Zerban's passion for his community, his common sense and very doable solutions to the issues crippling his district and the state and his eagerness to do the right thing that makes me proud to support his candidacy.

You can find Zerban's website here.  He also has a Facebook page.

To be fair, there is another person considering a run against Ryan as well.  That person is Amardeep Kaleka.  Kaleka became known when his father was tragically murdered in the mass shooting at the Sikh temple in Oak Creek.

Kaleka has made some passionate calls for peace and his very motivational.  He seems like a genuinely nice person.

But I'm not sure he would be a good choice as a congressional representative or what his level of investment would be.

When one goes to his website, there is immediately a problem as that there is not the legal disclaimer on who is paying for the website.  But it gets worse.

If one were to sign up for emails at the website, one would get a confirmation email to make sure that it was not spam.  That's where another red flag pops up.  This is what I received both to sign up and to confirm:

Yes, you read that correctly.  The headquarters for Kaleka's headquarters is in California.  I know the Republicans have really fouled things up with their gerrymandering, but the last I checked, there was not one part of the First Congressional District that is in California.

I also have to express some skepticism on Kaleka's motivation for running for office in the first place.  Is he running to make things better for the people in Wisconsin or is he running to raise his own name recognition?  You see, he has this film about UFOs that he is trying to raise money for.  (BTW, skeptics are not impressed with Kaleka's claims.)

Clearly, Rob Zerban stands head and shoulders above the rest in his bid to be the Congressman for the First District.  He is strongly invested in his community, has clear and viable solutions to the problems plaguing his district and the rest of the state and is committed to serving the people he would represent, not the big money special interests that want to maintain the status quo which plainly isn't working.

I am proud to offer my support and endorsement to Rob Zerban.  He is one of the few candidates that I can actually be excited about supporting instead of just because he's not the other guy.


  1. Just wait till the anonymous group hug starts in this thread -- Zerban is great -- but he won't touch any issues related to our dysfunctional media.

    I can show you video of him turning white and backing away when asked a direct question about the media coverage he may get and the role of media in propping up divisive politics.

    I understand that he needs the media to at least not treat him as toxic dog crap, but we can't win this fight unless we take back the media.

    Guess its the perfect catch-22, which is why they keep "winning".

  2. I hope Rob has taken some public speaking lessons because he seems really uncomfortable when he speaks.