Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Schimel Runs/WIggy Fumes

By Jeff Simpson

Now that Niedermeier has decided that two terms of not doing his job is plenty, the field is wide open for both parties in the next Attorney General race.  While many mull it, fellow right wing hack and Waukesha County District attorney Brad Schimel is the first to jump in. 

Apparently he saw how easy it was for Van Hollen to make taxpayer money and do little work and he was the first to sign up.  

I am sure the first question you asked yourself was --- "who?".  Let me introduce you.   Mr. Schimel is known for two things.  

1.  He is the man that gave convicted felon Scott "Scooter" Jensen a get out of jail free card!  

2.   Jimmy Wigderson does not like him!

I’m told that some people downtown did not understand what I meant when I referred to Waukesha County District Attorney Brad Schimel as “gelded” in last Thursday’s Waukesha Freeman. I was referring to the practice of removing the part of a male animal’s anatomy responsible for producing testosterone in order to make the animal more docile.
Docility when it comes to government openness is becoming the hallmark of Schimel’s tenure in office. Unfortunately the recent decision to not charge Business Improvement District President Norm Bruce with violating the state’s Open Records Law is just another example.

Apparently he is not man enough for the likes of Jim Wigderson, maybe he is a good candidate to replace JB!  


  1. Gelding? Next thing you know, Wiggy will be talking about sabers, jodphurs, and shiny boots.

  2. "Put Neidermeyer on it. He's a sneaky little shit, just like you, right?" - Dean Vernon Wormer, Dean's Office, Faber College, c. Fall, 1962