Friday, October 25, 2013

Move To Amend Movement Keeps Growing

As was previously reported, Move to Amend, the grassroots group that is fighting to have the Citizens
United ruling wiped out, and its allies were collecting signatures to have a referendum put on the ballot in Waukesha.  I am pleased to announce that the group was again successful, turning in more than 4,200 signatures and these have been certified by the Waukesha City Clerk.

But they aren't done yet!

On Monday, the City of Milwaukee's Judiciary and Legislation Committee will consider the resolution.  The resolution is being sponsored by Aldermen Tony Zielinski, Nik Kovac, José G.Pérez  and Ashanti Hamilton.

If the resolution passes in Milwaukee, it will be the fourth municipality in Milwaukee County - joining Whitefish Bay, Shorewood and Wauwatosa - to do so.

Obviously, the question is why it's just not a countywide referendum.

Well, that's because Milwaukee County Emperor opposes the referendum.  He doesn't feel that the citizenry should have a say in their lives or their rulers.  In fact, to show how whacked Abele is, he actually tried to extort money from Move to Amend to have it on the ballot.

Tell me how progressive he is again. It's real easy to forget.

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  1. With the upcoming primaries we need to get a write-in campaign going for a corporation. If the corporation would win the courts would have to revisit the issue. Ronald McDonald is no more a clown than Glenn Grothman or Robin Vos.