Monday, October 14, 2013

I Love Richard Uihlein

By Jeff Simpson:

 I love Richard Uihlein: Not because the "fiscal conservative" gives over 2,100,000 to republicans.

Nope, I love Richard Uihlein, because it takes a VERY special person to say this:

"I'm a conservative Republican, and I'm trying to help people who believe as I do in limited government and free markets," Richard Uihlein told Crain's last month. "I'm not one to hide from that."
In an article that is all about the over $18,000,000 Wisconsin taxpayer dollars the Doyle Administration and Mary Burke gave his company(and he gladly accepted)  in 2007.    

Can you say "ignorant hypocrite"?  How about "ungrateful troll"?  I knew you could!  :)

Here he is with his hand out, wanting more Wisconsin taxpayer money!  


  1. Don't neglect to mention that Scott Walker takes credit for Uline's 2008 decision to move its headquarters to Wisconsin because the company moved into its newly built headquarters in the summer of 2010.

  2. Hey anonymous : Don't misunderstand the purpose of the blog post. We are now in Mary Burke is the devil mode and no one wants that confused with the Walker is the devil mode. We are still hunting for that perfect left wing union first Democrat to finish second in the next election.

    1. no,actually anon at 7;33 am has a very valid point. remember 2000 when bush got in because gore didn't meet all of our markers,so ralph got mine and my wifes vote. worst vote i ever made. lay off burke.

    2. 1. there is nowhere you can find me saying a bad thing about Mary Burke personally. 2, This post has nothing to do with Burke, this is what a putz Uihlein is

      3. Gore won anyway BUT there was absolutely NOTHING to stop Gore from addressing some of the issues that Nader was using to gain steam. Your vote for Nader did not cost us anything.

  3. Capper, great catch.

    Let's also not forget that Dick's a "trust fund baby," an heir to the Schlitz brewing fortune.

  4. Anon at 7:33, why did Walker need to spend "88% of the money to get 53% of the vote"?

    Looks to me like the oligarchs bought the recall win for him.

    He won the first time, because he neglected to mention that he was against collective bargaining.

  5. Jeff, no problem.

    Sorry for giving Capper credit for your post.

    In case it's helpful

  6. New Republican Party slogan: "Feed the rich and bleed the rest".

  7. Richard Uihlein is all for redistribution of wealth...when it redistributes his way. After all, he is a risk taking entrepreneur (snort, giggle and laugh). He is a rich, entitled, silk stocking, country club teapublican, who like Ron Johnson, feeds from the public trough. The difference is, well, uh, Ron married his bankroll, and Richard was born into his wealth.

  8. Richard is the kind of fun loving sociopath that was born to generations of extraordinary wealth…yet in his bio says that he started his business in his basement…yes and Prince Charles started out as a chimney sweep and pulled himself up by his boot straps and good looks...