Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Is Walker Looking Too Far Ahead

This came through to me via Facebook:

Gee, why do you think Walker dropped the "for Governor of Wisconsin" line?  He's already gearing up for his presidential run when he hasn't even won reelection as governor.  Talk about putting the cart before the horse.


  1. You got the cart before the horse wrong...................... It's the cart before the ASS!!!!!!!

  2. Your both wrong -- the recall was stolen -- can be statistically demonstrated, but I won't bother to post link or info here cuz the truth doesn't matter.

    But believe the fairy tale that WI swung almost 20 points in a statewide election within a 5-month swing -- Walker up by almost 10 in june and Obama on top 5 months later by almost the same 10 points.

    I guess folks that are stoooooopid enought to accept stolen elections get what they deserve -- after all -- they stole it fair and square, right?

    There is mathematical proof too -- but I know it won't be understood here anyhow, so why bother.

    But there's a new thing on the tubes -- "the google" -- check it out if you dare!