Monday, October 7, 2013

Headline Of The Day: Mary Burke Announces Candicy For Governor

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So, Mary Burke has finally let the cat out of the cellophane bag by formally announcing her candidacy for governor. I can't recall any other candidate having such a rough start.

Her campaign allowed the Republicans to steal domains from her.  She's been greeted with a healthy dose of skepticism and questions from the public.  Party officials and operatives have responded with what basically sums up to be: "Don't you dare question who we tell you to like!"

Well, my friend Rick Rumpel wrote a Facebook note with a list of questions which I believe to be fair and honest.  And they are ones that Burke is going to have to answer sooner or later.  With his expressed permission, I reproduce it here:

Headline Of The Day: Mary Burke Announces Candidacy For Governor


Facebook has been abuzz ever since the news went out. with debates, and arguments both pro and con.

So, here's my 2 cents.

The State Democratic Party seems to have been courting her for sometime now, as I've seen several article or press releases from @Mike Tate for lack of better words, extolling her virtues.

I'm not a fan of the Democratic Party, for a lot of reasons, I could list them but I'll try to keep my focus on the Candidate. But I'll just say that I am very hesitant and suspicious of any candidate that is being promoted from the TOP DOWN.

That said I'd like to know more about Mary Burke. At this time I know she is rich, I don't fault anyone for having or wanting money. Don't we all.....

I know that she was an exec of Trek, a company her father had founded. But was she an exec or was she the CEO????

This is what I'd like to know.

Did Mary Burke make a decision to outsource manufacturing or was it a decision someone else made?

What were the working conditions before, during and after Mary Burke?

How were the workers treated before, during and after Mary Burke?

How much were the workers paid before, during and after Mary Burke?

Does the need for profits outweigh a liveable starting wage for the workers?

Will she do everything she can to stop a proposed mine in Northern WI?

I would like straight up direct answers, without the doublespeak on the questions above.

Where does she stand on issues dealing with the poor and the homeless?

Where does she stand on 1st Amendment issues?

The above questions I want answered in depth before I will be able to cast a vote for her.

What roll if any did Mary Burke play in the Uprising? Was she at any protests or rallies?

What roll if any did Mary Burke play in the Recalls?

I will not vote under the pretense of "anyone but Walker"

I will not vote just for "the win"

I will not vote for a candidate because that's who "The Dems" picked.

Feel Free to leave opinions..... Not saying I'll reply to them.....
I agree with Rick's points as well.

 Getting screwed over by a Democrat is not better than getting screwed over by a Republican.

Likewise, a Democratic tyranny, like Chris Abele's in Milwaukee County, is not better than Walker's tyranny. In fact, in many ways, it's worse.

When things go so badly that the people rebel, who are the Democrats gonna blame? If there is going to be a string of godawful decisions and laws, let the Republicans own them. Then this can be used to put a good candidate in office.  Then again, look at the last two years and who we are getting now...

As I said in 2012, I want someone other than Walker in office, but I don't want the only change to be the letter behind their name.


  1. How DARE anyone, even YOU Capper, question the AWESOME leadership of the Wisconsin Democratic Party??

    Mike Tate, et al, has made it CRYSTAL CLEAR that the Democrats in Wisconsin will vote for the candidate the party tells them they are going to vote for. Period. I wouldn't be surprised if the Democratic Party shuts down your blog for even questioning their decisions.

    Mary Burke is our SAVIOR. She is the candidate that ALL democrats must vote for. She has been CHOSEN for us. Support her or you are not a true democrat. Remember, Mike Tate told you to.

    With Mike Tate in charge, looks like the Republicans will run the table again in the 2014 elections.

  2. Did you know that bikes used to be made in the United States? Thanks to Burke and other greedy bastards, all bikes sold for under a thousand in the U.S. are now made overseas. She created jobs alright-- in China and at the expense of the American worker,

  3. Capper. The chicken little of the left.

  4. Why didn't Ms. Burke fight tooth and nail to make Trek a union shop during her tenure as a corporate executive there?