Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Waukesha-based Campaigns!


By Jeff Simpson

A Democrat threw his hat in the ring to take on Republican Moderate Senator Dale Schultz. 

Madison -- Former state transportation budget director Ernie Wittwer announced Tuesday he is running as a Democrat for the seat held by state Sen. Dale Schultz (R-Richland Center).
His announcement alters the dynamic of the closely watched race. Schultz has not decided whether he will seek re-election and has not ruled out running as an independent if he does run.
Rep. Howard Marklein (R-Spring Green) is seeking the seat, so Schultz will face a primary challenge if he runs as a Republican.
Schultz has frustrated his fellow Republicans by voting against them on legislation to limit collective bargaining for public workers and to streamline mining regulation.
In a news conference in the state Capitol, Wittwer praised Schultz for taking some courageous votes but said he votes with Republicans the vast majority of the time. Wittwer said he was in the race no matter what Schultz does.
"Dale hasn't made up his mind," Wittwer said. "I'll be running in either case."
 What is interesting about this story is how Schultzs chief of staff, Todd Allbaugh, had to say when asked about this:

He said Wittwer appeared to be "a Dale Schultz Republican," but reserved most of his criticism for Marklein.
"This is a Waukesha-based campaign," he said of Marklein's campaign for a seat on the other side of the state. "Howard Marklein is the tea party candidate, who absolutely is being bought and paid for by the far right wing of the party."

Now we have party bosses in Waukesha trying to decide every race in the state and punishing those who disagree.

Its up to you if that is ok!





  1. Marquette University Law School Poll – Key Results and Analysis
    Few Favor Tea Party
    Only 24% have a positive view of the the Tea Party and 53% have an unfavorable view. This more than 2 to 1 negative ratio suggests the Tea Party will soon change their name – at least in Wisconsin.

    1. What will they change their name to -- something more appropriate like PAINFUL RECTAL ITCH?

  2. Waukesha is symbolic of the Wisconsin Tea Party. Waukesha’s need for drinking water from Lake Michigan is symbolic of how Tea Party philosophy is self-destructive.

    Waukesha’s aquifer is depleted due to over development. Waukesha says it needs water for development. Any thought of conservation actions for sustainable development is for tree-hugging hippies who should be arrested for singing in the Capitol.

    Protectors of Great Lakes water cite low water levels for not bending the rules as to which cities may draw water. The low water levels are due to increased evaporation caused by man-made global warming. The Tea Party views man-made global warming as a hoax to make Al Gore rich and refuse to take any steps to slow the warming.

    Waukesha needs the generosity of strangers to allow them Great Lakes water. The Tea Party epitomizes the philosophy of Me, Myself and I.

    Dale Schultz believes in responsible conservation and sustainable development. The Tea Party vows to remove him.

  3. Milwaukee and the great lakes region SHOULD NOT give Lake Michigan water to the teabaggers in Walkersha.

    Now a pipeline of urine would be OK.

    And the teabaggers would probably be find with that too -- after all -- they TEABAG!

  4. @ Anony8:05
    Amen, brother. Tell it like it is.