Monday, October 28, 2013

Scott Walker Wins Again!

By Jeff Simpson

Police arrest a man on battery, hate charges:
A Janesville man was arrested early Saturday morning for hitting two men who were speaking Hebrew in the 200 block of North Henry Street.
Dylan T. Grall, 23, punched the two men around 2:19 a.m. when he heard them speaking Hebrew, police said. Grall swore at the men and demanded they speak English.
Officials said both men were hit in the face; one fell to the ground and the other had an eye that was nearly swollen shut.
Grall denied hitting the two men but admitted to telling them to speak English, according to a release. Grall told police he thought the men were speaking Spanish. A witness said Grall did attack the two other men.
Grall was arrested on two charges of battery with a hate crime enhancer.
Gee, Andre Jacque, I wonder where he would have gotten such an idea?   God Bless us everyone*

*Everyone meaning every white Christian who votes republican and speaks English.

How does Scott Walker win?  It's all part of his plan:


  1. That's quite a reach Jeff.

  2. When you kick up the hornet's nest of hate....this is the kind of stuff that flies out!

    Cause and effect, chain of events! be ready for more as election season approaches, especially with walker not doing well in the polls