Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Van Hollen Leaves At The Bottom Of His Game

When people announce their retirements, it's usually when they are at the best they can be.  It could be the CEO of a business, a worker who has put in decades for a company or an athlete who just won the title for their sport.

When Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen announced that he was not going to run for election next year - a move that was obviously timed to steal Mary Burke's thunder - one's thoughts should go to Van Hollen's "achievements," which don't add up to much.  They include:

And those are just a few of his "highlights."

Van Hollen might have this mental image of him being a hero riding into the sunset, but the sad reality is that he is a rat running off into the sewer from whence he climbed out of.


  1. No doubt he's preparing for his future role as the A.G. in Walker's presidential cabinet.

  2. No more GOP get out of jail free cards. That could cramp ones style.

  3. Not really going to cramp their style, they've won. While you were sleeping they disregarded the requirement which allows them run an unbalanced budget, they have the ability to take what they want and the courts will back them up, the game is over people.

    JB's retirement is simply his saying his work is done here, and now he can go back to being the Grand Master of Masons.