Monday, October 7, 2013

Wisconsin GOP Endorses Mary Burke!

By Jeff Simpson

 No sooner did Mary Burke announce her run for Governor of Wisconsin and within minutes the Wisconsin GOP endorsed her!

The Wisconsin GOP has bought the rights to and put up a website where they endorsed Ms. Burke.   While it is somewhat surprising, Scott Walker's failed leadership has cost this state greatly so it is not without precedent.

Here is one of the keystones of their website, directly from the WI GOP:

 We don’t need someone trying to buy the Governor’s office.

Considering that:

*  In 2010 Scott Walker spent almost $25,000,000 to win the Governor's race.

*  in 2012 Scott Walker and his masters spent almost $59,000,000 to win the recall race. 

* Currently Scott Walker is criss crossing the US and fundraising in record numbers for the 2014 Gubernatorial race.  

It is nice that finally, after we elected a Governor whose main policy was this:

That we can start out the fall with bipartisan agreement.

Both the GOP and The Wisconsin Democratic Party agree -

Scott Walker must not be allowed to buy the Governors office again!   

Tell @wisgop thank you and you appreciate them coming to their senses!


  1. And we'd like to thank you for the ringing non-endorsement of Ms. Burke on the website.

    1. Well, we have seen what a failure Walker is. Why we would support another one?

  2. Why would i endorse anyone? the field is not set yet. Plenty of time.
    I just thought it was telling that the GOP endorsed her so early. They always have had a tendency to fly off the handle like that.

  3. This time let us try not to give Republicans all the ammo they need against whichever Democratic candidate is chosen in the primary. We have proven good at that in the past. If we allow Rs to divide us they WILL conquer.

  4. You, sir, are an idiot... plain and simple. Have you bothered to visit the domain that you reference in this blog post?

    1. I sure did and even copied and paste part of it above. Have you checked it out?

  5. I'm not quite sure how I feel about Ms. Burke, but obviously the WI-GOP is downright terrified about the idea of her running for office (they've been sitting on her domain name for over 10 years now, just in case she decided to run for something).

    Their unbridled fear gives me some hope about her and her positions.

  6. The fact that someone would have to spend $100,000 to but a seat on the Madison School Board tells you all you need to know about her.

  7. Hey, why is Trek non-union and why are so many of their bikes built overseas?

  8. "Hey, why is Trek non-union and why are so many of their bikes built overseas?"
    Because she is a union line towing Dem. She's a practicle business person. She's independently wealthly which should appeal because outside interest won't have as much influance.
    GOP is terrified of her because she it will be hard to paint her as a typicall bleeding hart liberal.

  9. I meant "she is NOT a union line towing Dem"