Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Another Abortion Showdown

Ever heard of the blogger Blonde Sagacity? Neither had I until yesterday, when a friend of mine shared her blog with me. I wasn't expecting much from the person who claims to be the "conservative liberals love to hate" (bad news honey, you're far from being the conservative we "love" to hate.) I scrolled through the useless gutter trash of vile and lie filled posts about the Affordable Care Act and President Obama, noticing the usual drivel. Conservative blogs are such a hoot. I think a drooling baby could write better, but that's just my opinion. However, the fun started I got to a post she has up about AB 154, complete with a photo of an aborted fetus. I'm fairly certain the anti-choice movement sits and stares at pictures of aborted babies all day, everyday. It's sort of their passion when you think about it.

AB 154 is a bill recently passed in California expanding abortion care in the state. One of the greatest things about this bill is that it gives a wider rage of healthcare practitioners who can provide abortion care in the first trimester of a pregnancy in the state of California. I noticed that she either didn't want to, or couldn't formulate an opinion on the bill, as she did no actual blogging about it. Instead our dear blogger then links to this, a site so full of right-wing misinformation that is almost laughable, only it's not because people actually believe it. I don't even know where to begin picking it apart. Whether it's the paragraph trying to scare readers into believing this bill simply allows any Planned Parenthood employee to provide abortion care:

"The bill permits licensed non-physicians to perform two kinds of abortion in the first trimester–by medication, and by aspiration, which requires the insertion of medical instruments into the uterus. Though many doctors agree that non-physicians could provide medications with few risks, the idea that a non-physician would perform an invasive procedure such as aspiration strikes many as rife with risks."
The bill allows nurse practitioners, certified nursing midwife's and physician's assistants to be trained to provide abortion services. Know what a nurse practitioner is? One step below being a doctor. That was how it was described to me by my dad's own nurse practitioner, who was working with his brain to figure out the best way to help treat his neurological disability. Hmm....I think I'd trust that person to know what's going on with one's body over a right-wing ideologue, wouldn't you? Someone who has had extensive schooling and work in this subject, who knows what they're doing? I don't know about you, but I wouldn't let someone like Miss Sagacity, or worse, someone like Boehner or Cruz make healthcare decisions for me.
Or this doozy about "back-street" abortions:
"One doctor–who identified himself as pro-choice–told Breitbart News that “the bill is a disaster since it sends us back 100 years to the problems of the complications from back-steet abortions.” The bill’s critics warn that the training provided to non-physician staff is weak, that supervision by physicians in clinics will be minimal, and that there is real risk of injury or death to women who will be treated in such conditions."

First of all, that's back alley, not 'back street' abortion. Sigh. Breitbart 'News' should know that if they're going to make up quotes from obviously fake people, they should at least make it sound legit by using the correct terminology. Secondly, it's this kind of attitude that takes women back to times where they were found dead in alleys, having bled out from their vaginas because the powers at be kept them that way.  When will America wake up and realize that the biggest threat to our healthcare is not Obamacare, or abortion or Planned Parenthood, but these right-wing wackos who have NO knowledge of healthcare period? Sure, let's not make abortions as safe and widely available as possible. Sure Doctor Anonymous, that sounds like it wouldn't have ANY horrific consequences on women at all. That's like suggesting a lock on a gun makes the gun less safe. It's as ridiculous as the morons who believe it.

You might be asking why I'm hounding on this specific blogger and it's because of her willingness to spread horrible misinformation about women's healthcare. I expect that sort of misogynist, backwards crap from conservative men, but women should know better. Frankly, she ought to be ashamed of herself. The biological warfare the GOP is waging against women knows no political bounds. Inside, women are all the same, and attempts and laws limiting our ability to make our decisions affects each and every one of us, not just those of us who are pro-choice. I refuse to believe no conservative or religious woman has never had an abortion or ever took advantage of the great range of services Planned Parenthood provides. Women, it's time to wake up and realize that this fight, the fight to tell us what we can and cannot do with our own vaginas, is every woman's fight. If we don't stand up now and stop these attacks on us, who will? No one can fight for our bodies better than we can.

I want to thank the great state of California for this legislation, which has tons of wonderful support from great groups. My wish is that more states follow this lead and expand in making abortion coverage easy for everyone who needs and wants it. It's my goal to one day see this state legislation, become a federal law.


  1. The GOP attacks in women are breathtaking in scope and intensity. Fortunately GOP legislators tipped their hands early and we know their end game is to drive women out of the workplace. GOP white males apparently do not wish to work hard, attain degrees, and compete. And yes, sadly there will always be handmaidens to do the bidding of men.

  2. You're quite right - anti-choice women have abortions fairly frequently. Check out
    "The Only Moral Abortion is My Abortion: When the Anti-Choice Choose"