Saturday, October 5, 2013

The Darling Smackdown

By Jeff Simpson

H/T Rebecca Kemble:

Alberta Darling was trying to read from the ALEC script and Senator Kathleen Vinehout fed her her lunch(and it wasn't a brown bag one):

As if hitting the play button on rightwing talking point #729 out of the ALEC songbook, Darling said, “You’re interested in the funding of the schools but I’m more interested in the education of the children. We’re at a point in our history where we have to say charter schools are public schools.” She then went on to say that she agreed that the school funding formula should be changed and that she wished there were more money in the public education budget.

Vinehout called out Darling, who is Senate leader of the state’s budget committee.

Madam co-chair of Joint Finance, it may come as some shock, but there was actually plenty of money in this budget,” Vinehout said. “It spent $4 billion more than the last budget. There was plenty of money to fully fund schools and all of the requests made by the Superintendent of Public Instruction, but that wasn’t done. You had more input into the process than I did.”

Sen. Tim Cullen (D-Janesville) agreed: "The fact is there was $500 million in the budget that could have gone to schools but went to roads.”
That's gonna leave a mark!   


  1. It's always interesting when Darling Alberta decides to speak up about something. At the hearing on the Common Core standards, before she left, she indicated what great work the public schools did, and how wonderful it was that students were achieving. It was a little garbled, but she seemed to actually praise public schools. I don't think she recognized how incongruous that appeared.

    1. When they privatized the foster care system in Milwaukee County, she trashed the workers in the paper. The same day that that article appeared, she came to our offices to thank us and praise us for our hard work and commitment. I asked her to sign a copy of that article but she declined.

  2. Voucher schools are nothing more than a movement to create two school systems-one for the privileged and one for the poor. They're also another way Walker can shovel taxpayer money to his cronies. Welcome to Wississippi.

  3. " We’re at a point in our history where we have to say charter schools are public schools.” "

    They're moving a little quicker than I expected.

  4. Asking these vandals to improve on our public education system is a lot like asking an arsonist to do a little remodeling around the house.

  5. You'll have to excuse Bertie Dahhhh-ling for being a bit slow. People struggle when they're living on a diet of Xanax and vodka.

    Corrupt dingbats like her are yet another reason not to spend a dime in the 262 area code