Tuesday, October 15, 2013

I'm Tanya Bjork and I Approve This Message!


By Jeff Simpson

Wisconsin Hospital Association
November 30, 2012
Volume 56, Issue 48

Gov. Walker Tells Business Leaders:

“Wisconsin has one of the best health care systems in the country...that is an asset.”

Governor Scott Walker’s efforts to improve the state’s business reputation are
paying off. Once in the bottom ten, 650 business leaders across the country placed Wisconsin as one of the top 20 states in the nation to do business with, accordingto a survey conducted by Chief Executive Magazinein 2012. 
In 2008, Wisconsin ranked 43rd in the same poll, a 23 point jump in the rankings.
Speaking before a standing-room only crowd comprised of Wisconsin business
leaders at a luncheon sponsored by Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce
November 28 in Madison, the Governor credits the improvements in Wisconsin’s
business climate to a number of factors, including a balanced state budget,
regulatory reform and attention to building solid infrastructure.

The Wisconsin Hospital Association put this out as the headline in their November 30, 2012 issue  The Valued Voice" newsletter to their members.   They sent this newsletter to all of their members, allowing the ridiculousness of Scott Walker's claim regarding these rankings to be pushed further along like it was a real ranking.   

This obviously takes money and the Wisconsin Hospital PAC also gave over $320,000 to various candidates(almost $11,000 to Scott Walker himself).    Taking a look at their donor list, we see where they get the money, and its some familiar faces:

Contributors $5,000 and above:
Bjork, Tanya
Brenton, Stephen
Wisconsin Hospital Association
Size, Tim
Rural Wisconsin Health Cooperative
Tyre, Scott
Capitol Navigators, Inc.   

Nothing like having your "top political advisor" donate thousands of dollars to your opponent.   


Remember Ladies and Gentlemen, money donated to Mary Burke will go to pay Tanya Bjork's salary,/ which we see heads right back to the other side!   

Give your money here, let's make sure Tanya does not run low!  


  1. Kinda makes one feel all bipartisany in a way.

    Seriously, nice digging there Jeff.

  2. Borked Bjorked whatsa da differenceOctober 16, 2013 at 1:57 AM

    Talk about getting Bjorked!

    1. Burke, Bjork, Ellis Island misspelling of a family name?

      The real question is what has Brickerman or Burke have to say about the obvious question you've raised Jeff. It has been two days.

  3. I heard one of Mary Burke's supporters gave money to the United Way, and the United Way gave money to the anti gay boy scouts of America. Get to digging, thrre might be a nonsensical ad hominen attack to be found somewhere.

    1. Thank you for your marvelous example of a false equivalency.

  4. Is it true her son worked for Walker? I haven't seen any info about her family. I also heard that in a Mike Gousha interview she said "something had to be done" when asked about act 10, is this true?

    1. 1. I fully expect that the campaign will ignore our concerns. I doubt her top political advisor will advise her to address her own ethical shortcomings.

      2. If you mean Mary Burke, I am not aware Mary Burke has any children.

      3. Yes Mary Burke did say that on the Gousha show, although it was a fill in interviewing her

  5. Isn't Mary Burke married to John Burke the President of Trek bicycle? Yes...they have children. He is very conservative. Friends with Dubbya. I really question Mary now. Are we being bamboozled?

    1. Oooops. They are siblings.

    2. you must have thought this was Texas, where siblings can be husband and wife...

  6. Being on the Presidents Physical Fitness Council hardly Constitutes friendship. Ask Dubya now who was on it I bet he couldnt name two people.

  7. Hey Jeff, check out http://www.followthemoney.org/database/topcontributor.phtml?u=9527&y=0 from Follow the Money. It includes a graph listing the donations that the Wisconsin Hospital PAC gave out in the last cycle - In 2012, they gave 90% of their money to republican candidates.