Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Charlie Sykes - Sexist

By Jeff Simpson

As has been reported here by Capper, Charlie Sykes has started a pay per view website, White Wisconsin, where he can use it to fleece a few more dollars a day out of the flock.   

After Mary Burke declared her intention to run for Governor, the twice divorced, adulterer Sykes, showed his true colors as a pure sexist.  

Sykes put up on his lily white website the story of "The Makeover of Mary Burke", by posting a picture of her a few years ago and then one of her now.   Sykes, does not approve of her looks before but tolerates them now.  Apparently Mary Burke has not taken the time to consult with fashion maven Charlie Sykes or his paid underling Brian Fraley

The Frakes couple even ended their sexist rant with this(obviously they are jealous of Mike tate's fashion sense):

Mike Tate and the Democratic Party establishment have obviously spent a lot of time on packaging these past few months.
However his little sexist rant got me thinking, and I came up with a couple questions.   1.  Should I also call up Mike Tate for fashion advice?  2.  Who is responsible for this makeover?



Ok so they did not do a very good job, I still want to know the person responsible. 

Also in case you are wondering, here are the fashionista's, soon to be on Oprah's network with their very own fashion show.   Tentative title's - Syley(?)  or Frakes(?)!

Finally, if your sick of the right wing crazies continually judging women by their looks let them know:

Charlie Sykes - 

Brian Fraley - 

Or let his boss know: 

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  1. Great post! Of course you could have showed then/now photos of Sykes. Except he's an ugly mug in any decade. Nevermind.