Saturday, October 19, 2013

It's The Thought That Counts, Right?

Despite what Teapublicans, plutocrats and other haters might say, public sector workers repeatedly have shown that they are not only the most cost effective but also provide the highest quality services.

This was proven again when the good men and women of the Milwaukee County Department of Aging were recognized with a number of awards by the Milken Institute:

Eventually, the office of County Executive Chris Abele got around to acknowledging this.  Sort of.  I think.

Anyway, this is what was sent:

Odds are that Abele himself didn't write this.  It might have been easier to take if he had.  Instead, this was probably written by one of his office staff, who he has and/or wants to give big raises, even as he cuts the pay of the people he is supposed to be honoring.

Given the poor spelling and grammar, this actually adds insult to injury.

Of course, Abele would only call this efficiency.

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