Thursday, October 10, 2013

Seriously, 33rd District of Wisconsin? Seriously!?!?!?!

By Jeff Simpson

Let's get real District 33 of Wisconsin: 

*  If you are at a party, and you saw Steve nASS walk in, you would deny knowing him.

*  If Steve nASS walked up to talk to you, you would make small talk while thinking about the best way to get to an exit.

*   If Steve nASS was at your family reunion, you would make sure to always be in a different room. 

*  If Steve nASS is in church before you, you sit on the other side.  

Then Steve nASS says stuff like this:

Steve nASS is also the main sponsor of the ‘most racist legislation of the current generation.’

Let's face it, you are completely embarrassed by Steve nASS.....So why do you keep electing him?

Just Stop It!


  1. Unfortunately, Steve Nass is the embodiment of the large majority of the electorate in the 33rd: middle-aged white, racist, lower managerial-class employees who've seen their wealth and status deteriorate since Reagan - and erroneously blame it on the 'takers'.

    1. To be fair, the "takers" are to blame - the corporate welfare recipients, the financiers taking huge subsidies and taking a cut out of every aspect of personal and business finances, and the red states with their hands out and destitute populations taking more federal dollars than they put in. So what's the matter with the 33rd? Are they all watching Fox News?

  2. I disagree. There is no way that his district is that anti intellectually racist. No possible way. Im guessing they just have no idea what he is all about.

  3. Send him one of the 1st two baseball caps, here:

    (I know, you have to cut-and-paste, but it's worth the time.)