Thursday, October 31, 2013

Ken Slezak for 69th Assembly District

Ken Slezak

This from Ken Slezak, who is the Democratic Candidate for the 69th District:

Every generation tends to believe there is no hope for the next generation. After my father made the decision to close his small rural store in Minnesota, I was lamenting the ending of two generations of family ownership. My dad, a World War II veteran, simply said, “Everything changes.”

Nostalgia is comforting. My wife, Marilynn, and I are now enjoying the fruits of a full life. As a veteran, I remember the good times with my buddies in the Army. I also remember those who never had the opportunity to enjoy a full life. Marilynn remembers the joys of teaching and raising a family, and only occasionally reminds me of the pain of giving birth.

We have an obligation to ensure the next generation has the same opportunity as our generation. God, motherhood and apple pie are nice campaign slogans, but they just aren’t good enough.

Wisconsin consistently provides high-quality workers to the workforce. We must make sure the Wisconsin education system continues to be among the top three nationally. We must ensure affordable, high-quality health care for all our citizens.

Wisconsin is known as the Dairy State, and dairy is still our No. 1 industry. Increasing state funding for rural roads is as important to Wisconsin as our interstate system.

I am not for big government. I am not for no government. I am for good government. Once again, I am ready to serve my friends and neighbors. I hope you’ll vote for me for the 69th Assembly District seat on Nov. 19.

Ken Slezak of Neillsville is the Democratic candidate for the 69th Assembly District.

Ken Slezak is married to Marilynn and has three daughters that they raised together in Wisconsin's 69th Assembly District. He's a veteran of the US Army and owned a small business for over three decades. He enjoys hunting and fishing in the woods and streams of Wisconsin and is a member of American Legion Post 73; Disabled American Veterans Chapter 57, the Neillsville Kiwanis, and St. Mary's Catholic Church in Neillsville. Ken believes that resources like rural roads and water are as vital to our businesses as the interstate and will fight in Madison to protect them. Please vote for Ken Slezak Tuesday, November 19th.

"Like" Ken Slezak facebook page here, Ken's Act Blue page is here!

The last person that the 69th sent to Madison, Republican Scott Suder, ended up trying to give hundreds of thousands of dollars to his friends on his way out of town.  

 Its time that the 69th was actually represented, with honesty and integrity, in Madison and Ken Slezak is THE person to do it! 

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  1. I am sure this is a great guy, but your bottom picture is offensive. It makes his neck and head look like a TURD!