Thursday, October 3, 2013

Walker's "Work Release" Program - What Could Go Wrong, Besides Everything?

So, Scott Walker thought it was a grand idea to start using prison inmates for work.  It's cheap labor for the employer and it's tax-subsidized to boot!

Then to save even more money, he applies his austerity agenda to the Department of Correction and the prison system.  Never mind that it would leave prisons short-staffed, force workers to work more overtime and to get more burned out.  One simply cannot compare the importance of giving a tax break to a wealthy campaign donor versus something as irrelevant as worker rights or public safety.

What could go wrong?

Well, this:
A convicted murderer is missing after he walked away from a work site on Tuesday in Vilas County.

The Oneida County Sheriff says 54-year-old Todd Brecht is an inmate at the Camp McNaughton State Prison. He was at a work site located at 9041 Highway 70 in Vilas Co. when he walked away about noon.

Brecht is described as 5'6" weighing 160 lbs. He has brown hair and hazel eyes.

According to a press release, Brecht is currently serving a life sentence for a 1986 murder in Buffalo Co. He was convicted of shooting his brother-in-law in the back during an argument with a .22 caliber rifle on 10/17/85.

If you have any information, you are asked to call your local law enforcement.

The Oneida Co. Sheriff's Office, Vilas CO. Sheriff's Office, and the Wisconsin Dept. of Corrections are investigating the case.
So let's see, in one fell swoop, Walker's austerity agenda has taken jobs from hard working Wisconsinites and gave them to prisoners who get paid cents to the dollar. He has also endangered public safety by improperly staffing prisons and crushing the morale of the correction officers that are there, allowing a situation where a convicted murderer can just walk away.

It's mind-boggling that anyone could think that Walker deserves another crack at governor, much less can call him a presidential candidate while maintaining a straight face.


  1. And what is even more nightmarish is that Wisconsin will do it again in 2014. Wisconsin is THE KochTeaLibertarian test lab for the nation. In addition to the well known Heritage/ALEC control of the State, do a little searching and see how much of Walker's campaign money came from out of state contributors here -

  2. Walker makes me want to puke. This is a consistent reaction I have to his policies and the man