Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Abele/Clarke Feud - The Public Safety Edition

It is no secret that there has been an ongoing feud between Milwaukee County Emperor Chris Abele and the Sheriff of Nutty Ham David Clarke.  It could stem that they are very similar to each other. Both are tyrannical bullies that excessively reward their yes men and punish anyone who dares to stand up to them.  Maybe they're fussing at each other simply because they are fighting over the attention of their mutual BFF, Scott Walker.

Whatever the cause, their childish antics have continued this week in a social media fire fight.

It started when Clarke took to Twitter and posted this tweet and picture:

The funny thing about this picture is that there is one horse head but two horses' asses.

Clarke really doesn't have much to say about public safety though.  He would rather squander his severely slashed budget on horses like the one pictured than on something like highway patrols.  Furthermore, Clarke isn't very good at doing patrols himself, since he wouldn't know a drunk driver when he's helping one out of a snowbank.

And let's not forget when Clarke admitted the sheriffing is hard work:

Abele responded to this attack on Facebook when he turned it into a plug for Chris Moews, a candidate for Milwaukee County Sheriff:
Yesterday, Sheriff David Clarke posed an interesting question on his Twitter account: “Who would you trust with public safety decisions in Milwaukee County?” While it’s nice to hear from the Sheriff in a medium other than a press release, I think this is an important question. My response is simple: Public safety decisions for our county are not a game. We deserve those decisions to be made with discipline, by leaders who care more about outcomes over politics and personalities – leaders like Lieutenant Chris Moews for Milwaukee County Sheriff
This is again the flip side of the same coin.

Abele has no business speaking about public safety when he is just as bad, if not worse than, Clarke in that area.

Abele, for the second year running, is trying to foist park patrols on the City of Milwaukee's already overburdened police department, not to mention sticking the citizens of the city with the bill for his abdication of duty.

Abele is also evicting the patients at the mental health complex, even though there are not sufficient supports for them in the community.  We've already seen that this immoral, reckless stunt is actually endangering people.

Another alarming sign of how clueless Abele is when it comes to public safety is that his 2014 proposed budget has Emergency Preparedness being transferred from the Sheriff's Office to his office.  When the Finance and Personnel Committee asked about this part of Abele's budget, Abele's staff admitted that they didn't really have a plan on how to transfer these extremely important responsibilities, much less what it would look like or how much it would cost.

About the only thing Abele got right in the area of public safety is that Moews would be a far better sheriff than Clarke.

Although, if I were Moews, that is one endorsement I wouldn't be bragging about.

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