Friday, October 25, 2013

Dear Wisconsin Tea Party,


By Jeff Simpson

The Wisconsin Republican Party hates you!


Their Money

If you want to know, how the Wisconsin Republican Party feels about the Wisconsin Tea Party, just check the last two special elections.

Wisconsin District 21 - five republicans entered the primary to replace Mark "GTAC" Honadel..  Long time right wing extremist and founder of "Grandsons of Liberty" Larry Gamble was one of them.   Where did the money go?  Not to Larry!   Two of the biggest right wing moneybags, convicted felon Scott Jensen and Julainne Appling both endorsed the eventual winner, Jessie Rodriguez.

In convicted felon Scott Jensen's case he is spending big money on Rodriguez, so she doesn't have too!  

In the 21st District race, the $45,646 spent by American Federation for Children was nearly five times more than the $9,520 doled out by the six candidates. The group is putting its money on Republican Jessie Rodriguez. It’s spending about 198 times more than Rodriguez who reported spending $231 as of October 7 – the least of all the candidates.
 Its kind of amazing how much money the pro-voucher, anti- public education groups have to spend(think about that).   I am sure though, that just because American Federation for Children is trying hard to buy Ms. Rodriguez her seat, she will not be beholden to them at all.  

Wisconsin District 69 - where four republicans stepped up to fill the small but really dirty shoes of Scott Suder.   The long time tea party activist Scott Knoble was the first to declare, and the one who did not get any Republican money.   

In this race though, Jensen backed a loser, but in the end, kept his money and dirty influence as far away from Knoble as he could get

In the 69th District contest, the $45,095 spent by the group topped the $39,666 spent by the six candidates. The group has sent numerous mailings – some here and here – in support of Republican Alanna Feddick. American Federation’s spending more than tripled the $13,792 Feddick reported spending as of October 7.

American Federation’s electioneering activities in these races is similar to some of the strategy in other legislative and statewide races where they’ve spent an estimated $4.4 million since 2010 – inundate areas with daily mailings and talk about every other issue – job creation, health care, taxes, etc. – except school vouchers.

The republican party has done a great job of drmming up the hatred and anger on the right into a frenzied tea party and now realize that they are a blemish on society and their party so are starting to distance themselves from the group they got elected.   They finally realize that the short term gain, was great but it might not outweigh the long term damage these guys have done to the GOP.   They are now trying to cut their losses.



  1. It's time for Wisconsin to show the rest of the country that truth and honesty can trump money when it comes to wining elections. Vinehout could do this as she exemplifies integrity and intelligence and could educate the electorate as to all the dirty tricks that have occurred in the Capitol over the past three years. She's GRASSROOTS AND VOTERS PREFER THAT OVER lies and falsehoods and corruption.

  2. But can she raise cash?

    And what will Wisconsin's dysfunctional (actually, corrupt right-wing echo chamber) do to her?

    And besides, the Democratic Party of Wisconsin has already chosen Burke...

    This isn't lookin' good is it.

  3. It's real easy,

    A primary between Burke and Vinehout.

    May the best Lady win.

  4. Not that I want to really carry on a conversation with myself, but ANON 12:38 seems to miss ANON 12:19's response to ANON 8:56...

    If Mike Take has already come out for Burke and the media is already proclaiming Vinehout does not have a chance -- the primary doesn't really do what you say it will do.

    And then there is the money issue(s)...

    But I hope we have a meangful primary, but Tate has already contaminated it and the media in Wisconsin has done its part to ensure a REAL progressive will not be an option.

  5. What's with the amount that Appling's group spent on Rodriguez's behalf? $2.47 or some such piddling amount?

  6. Sorry to continue all of the self-talk here -- after all -- I am THE Anymous -- but here's a very disturbing post that fact-checks as TRUE:

    Burke is condescending and shows a strong sense of entitlement to the support of progressives

    Mike Tate, top bozo at dem party of Wisconsin, is violating party by-laws (a dismissable offense) and is slandering Ed Garvey with bold-faced lies

    Political Consultant Brandon Savage is outright mocking a large part of the democratic base -- progressives.

    These are disturbing developments -- you may want to see the entire post yourself:

  7. Quit your whining - the end goal is to put Walker out of work. There will never be the perfect candidate. Suck it up and support Burke. She knows exactly what she's doing .

    1. It's even getting harder to tell the Burke trolls from the Walker trolls from the Abele trolls.

    2. I smell a right-wing ratf*cker with that post. It's the same mentality that GOP officials have in accepting the fire and the votes, but trying to disavow the racism and idiocy that goes with it. Sorry GOPs, THEYRE YOURS. Own it.

      If this poster really is some DPW/ Burke official, pay attention to the following. WE will decide who the candidate is, and it's up to Burke to convince us to get on board. Get it?

    3. This anon is scary -- he seems to agree that she is a flawed candidate and then proclaims "she knows exactly what she's doing."

      That is EXACTLY why I would like to see her step aside or lose a primary.

      But I don't see how the progressives best-choice will be given a chance by that rotten mike tate's democratic party of Wisconsin.

  8. Step 1- Install a right-wing, Evangelical Christian fanatic as Governor who will undermine existing social relations, rule of law and respect for human rights, while privatizing as much of government as is feasible and destroying Democracy at the local level. Accuse opponents of these unjust and destructive policies of being extremist liberal ideologues who are out of touch with the new reality.

    Step 2- When the public nausea becomes too great, replace this person with a seemingly moderate corporatist in order to normalize the new inequality and the shift to corporate ownership of society. Accuse opponents of these policies of being being extremist liberal ideologues who are out of touch with the new reality.

    Step 3- Rinse and repeat.

    1. That could also be applied with Dubya as step 1 and Obama as Step 2. Except Burke needs to do work to inspire people like the 2008 Obama did. But we need to avoid Step 3, for both the U.S. and Wisconsin

  9. Gareth, you mean like that "nobody's senator but yours" crap from herbie kohl?

    Man, did that act get old and he was entirely a do-nothing. He wasn't a teabagger though (well, not politically speaking anyhow).

  10. Well, Herb Kohl did support "Bankruptcy Reform" which was passed just in time to deepen the economic devastation of the middle class. I wrote to him in opposition to the bill and received a snotty response bemoaning the irresponsibility of debtors. In essence he thought that the little people needed to be taught a harsh lesson in financial responsibility, but the big banks, not so much.

    One thing you can say about Herb Kohl is that he was never a traitor to his class.

  11. The GOPers gladly opened the flaps of their big tent and welcomed the tea crazies into the fold. After all, it was great sport watching their uninhibited brethren strap on a side arm, foist treasonous signage, and engage in hate speech in front of the post office. Fed a steady red meat diet of guns, god and bigotry, these crazies cannot but help work themselves into a froth in any place at any time, including the Senate floor.

    They are wing nuts on steroids and the Republicans unwittingly created a political monster. Teabaggers are like zombies, they eat their own. Gerrymandered districts created a critical nut mass of tea. All the tea mass needs is an incumbent who fails the litmus test of political bafoonery, a little money, and 5% of the eligible voters to throw out the Tino (Tea in name only).

    I vote Tea in primaries to punish the republicans for all their sins. Have a nice day.