Thursday, October 3, 2013

Reince's Ignorance

By Jeff Simpson

Anyone who has watched the news has seen that a WW2 memorial was barricaded due to the republican party causing the Government to shut down.    The Vets who wanted to see it actually removed the barricade and went in anyway.   Which is actually a heartwarming story but one that turned out to be the perfectstory to explain the Government shutdown.

Reince Priebus was on the news offering to pay, well offering to have the Democrats pay to keep the Memorial open.

Here is reince's words:

The RNC has put aside enough money to hire five full-time security personnel to keep the memorial open, Priebus said, with an estimated price tag of $150,000 for 30 days.

Priebus also said he was inviting DNC chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who was not present, to join in paying for the additional guards.

“Seeing that the DNC has bragged about fundraising off of the government shutdown, I’d invite my counterpart, Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, to join with us in keeping this memorial open,” he said.
(Edit Note:  Typical Reince, the DNC has not bragged about fundaising off the Government shutdown, but I digress.)

The DNC response: 

“We’ve already been working on a plan to open the Memorial — and the entire government — after the GOP caused them to close. It’s called a clean funding resolution and it sounds like the votes are there if the Speaker would just call for a vote. It would save the economy a lot of money and get the Memorial and government open a whole lot faster. I think he probably has Speaker Cruz Boehner’s number somewhere, and I’ll bet veterans would appreciate it a whole lot more than his silly stunt,” Elleithee said in a statement.

The National Park Service closed the World War II memorial to the public on Tuesday due to the government shutdown.  
The reality is while it is nice to have a group of Veteran's from honor flight actually see the WW2 Memorial, it is even nice to be able to treat people who are fighting cancer!  

For Weymouth native Leo Finn, the partial shutdown of the federal government that began Tuesday carries dire consequences.
Finn, a 48-year-old father of three, is fighting cancer. He had hoped to be accepted into a new-drug trial after more than six months of chemotherapy failed to do enough shrinking of the tumors in and around his liver.
But the shutdown of many federal agencies and the furloughing of more than 800,000 federal workers mean that no new patients are being accepted into drug trials overseen by the National Institutes of Health or the Food and Drug Administration.
 It would be even nicer if 9 million single mothers and their children could eat: 

On Tuesday, the government stopped funding the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children, known as WIC.
 Over 8.9 million moms and kids under five living near or below the poverty line rely on the program’s supplemental vouchers for healthy food, breastfeeding support, infant formula and other necessities dispensed at clinics nationwide.

It would also be nice if 2,000,000 Americans were working:

 First, there are the 1.3 million "essential" civilian employees who keep working during the shutdown. These workers may see their paychecks delayed, but they'll eventually get paid once the government reopens.
It's a different story for the 800,000 or so workers deemed "non-essential." These employees have to come in for a few hours on Tuesday, get their files in order, and then go home without compensation, indefinitely. And it's unclear if they'll ever receive back pay. That's completely up to Congress. Non-essential workers did get paid retroactively after the 21-day 1995-'96 shutdown. But this time around, some conservative are reportedly skeptical at the idea of paying federal employees for "work they didn't do."
This could be a fair-sized financial hit for many workers, depending on how long the government stays shut down. Note that many of these federal employees have already gone through a three-year wage freeze and months of furloughs imposed by the sequestration budget cuts.
The economic impacts could also be sizable. Economist Mark Zandi argues that the furloughs could shave 0.3 percentage points of fourth-quarter GDP growth (although some of that activity would come back if the workers get back pay). Maryland, where many federal workers live, could lose up to $5 million per day in income and sales tax revenue.
Note that this doesn't include federal contractors, who will also start furloughing employees as contracts dry up. (During the 1995-'96 shutdown, one-fifth of contracts were put on hold.) It's still unclear how many companies will be affected, but the numbers are large. Fairfax County, Va., alone has 4,100 contractors that bring in about $26 billion per year.
It might also be nice if the CDC would be treating the flu at the start of flu season:

 Every fall, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention monitors the spread of flu and figures out how best to direct vaccine programs around the country. During the shutdown, however, the agency will be "unable to support the annual seasonal influenza program,"

It would be really nice if we could continue monitoring food safety in the US:

 During the shutdown, the Food and Drug Administration will have to cease most of its food-safety operations. That includes "routine establishment inspections, some compliance and enforcement activities, monitoring of imports, notification programs (e.g., food contact substances, infant formula), and the majority of the laboratory research necessary to inform public health decision-making."

Did I mention kids with cancer will not be able to get treatment

As long as the government is shut down, the National Institutes of Health will turn away roughly 200 patients each week from its clinical research center, including children with cancer.

As long as the republicans continue to view the Government as a place to enrich their bank accounts and accrue power, and not the "We The People" staffed machine that provides essential services for America everyday, that our Founders intended it to be, we will continue to go on the same path downward that we are on.  

A good start for our friends on the right would be to get rid of Reince Priebus since he embodies everything that is wrong with their party today! 


  1. It would be nice if Reince and the GOP would just go away!!!!!

  2. On what legal or procedural basis could the RNC hire its own guards to guard a public monument?

    1. Five full time guards for a month at $150,000 works out to $30,000 per guard per month, or $360,000 per guard for a full year.

      Either Reince is not very good at negotiating prices with private security firms or I am very much in the wrong profession. As are most doctors, lawyers, stock fund managers and CEOs.

  3. "As long as the republicans continue to view the Government as a place to enrich their bank accounts and accrue power, and not the "We The People" staffed machine that provides essential services for America everyday, that our Founders intended it to be, we will continue to go on the same path downward that we are on."

    Said as though Democrats aren't busily enriching themselves via their political status. Good grief.

    1. Sorry no scott suders false equivalency either

    2. "I'm rubber, you're glue?" THAT'S all you have?

      RNC PR BS is a drunk and a joke. It's a testament to just how horrible a job our media has done in Wisconsin that this buffoon was allowed to be portrayed as a "leader". Reince in finding out that Chuckles Sykes can't script all his interviews in the big leagues.

  4. Rollie, you fit right in with the with the silver spoon firmly planted up their ars crowd pictured above