Sunday, May 18, 2014

An Actual Look At the 2014 Elections


By Jeff Simpson

Despite the political pundits, republicans and too many Democrats telling us that the 2014 election is poised to see Republicans make major gains, that ain't necessarily so!

For instance, Gallup released a poll on Friday that showed the favorable rating for the Republican Party is at its lowest point during any election year since 1998 — lower than 2006, 2008 and 2012 when Democrats won in landslides. And the reactions was: Meh, Democrats are more popular than Republicans but who isn’t? The Sterlings?

However, pundits should stop pretending that this election is foregone conclusion. There are numerous reasons to suggest that 2014 may stun the experts.

The Senate Minority leader — who has about a 45-67 percent chance of becoming the Senate Majority Leader, depending on the model you prefer — is running neck and neck with his Democratic challenger. The GOP’s popularity is near all time lows and it it’s still more popular than the Tea Party.

YOU just need to show up at the polls!



  1. You watching the story about Cochrans wife coming out of Mississippi? Now the Republicans are accusing the Tea Party of illegal cooperation.

  2. The Teapublicans know they have to resort to voter suppression, millions in advertising, and gerrymandering for any chance of keeping a majority in the legislature and Walker.
    The polling negatives on TPers and Republicans have been there for a while now.
    A good, large Democratic turnout would be made easier--not with all sorts of money--but with sound policies that would benefit ordinary voters in these troubling times.