Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Wisconsin Reporter Lied Today

By Jeff Simpson

In an incredibly desperate attempt to spin their hero Scott walker's dismal job failures, M.D.Kittle, put out a piece of propaganda crap that would make Christian Schneider jealous!

While the whole thing is drivel, this one stood put specifically:

Remember when President-elect Obama promised that the nation’s unemployment rate would not rise above 8 percent if the so-called stimulus package was enacted.
Sorry M.D.  I do NOT remember that because it NEVER happened.  President Obama never ever made that promise.  Heck even the Walker friendly politifact couldn't join you on this one(after Pink Slip Paul Ryan recited the same lie). 

Ryan said the Obama administration promised "unemployment would never get to 8 percent."

Obama didn’t say that. Rather, his Council of Economic Advisers predicted that the stimulus would hold it to that level. Their report included heavy disclaimers that the projections had "significant margins of error" and a high degree of uncertainty due to a recession that is "unusual both in its fundamental causes and its severity."

The sub-8 percent prediction did not hold true, but it’s still incorrect to characterize it as a promise or guarantee.

We rate Ryan’s statement Mostly False.

In case you missed it above ----    Obama didn’t say that.

If a  statement is "mostly false" in 2012, what is it when a supposed media outlet regurgitates the same BS two years later?

There is a reason that at certain times, Wisconsin reporter is not allowed access to things.   They are not reporters or journalists, they are well compensated propaganda machines.  

Here is Matt Kittle's email address.  Let him know that we should expect more out of our so called "media". 




  1. how about I just let him and your readers know that he is a loser right here.

  2. Furthermore, what Obama considered an optimal stimulus package was never enacted. Republicans wouldn't have it, and Obama had to dilute the package to corral wavering Democrats of the blue dog variety. Result: The stimulus package was heavy on tax cuts and light on infrastructure funding, which historically produces the greatest stimulus. And yet it's clear that the stimulus that was enacted kept the country from sliding further toward a major depression. Republicans can never be satisfied, even when they get what they want. Witness "Obamacare."

  3. I just can't believe he managed to write something without trying to tie it to Abele? Therapy works if you let it.

  4. Schneider is a third tier hack who does not measure up to the last JS Conservative; Patridck MJcElherin's level of funny stupid.

  5. Matt Kittle is NOT the "media". He is the definition of and poster boy for the "misleadia".

  6. He's replying to emails and those emails are a hoot! I think his undies are in a wad over the attention this is getting.

    1. Feel free to post them here or forward them to me


  7. I find Walker's excuse that his major shortcoming is due to Obama's policies to be extremely weak. I'm disappointed that the media doesn't call him out to the fact that Obama and his policies were in place before Walker made his false job creation claim. Also, Walker hiding behind Act 10 disruption is bogus. He doesn't deserve a pass onhis actions, a true leader knows if he drops bombs there is probability the a there will be damage. I believe Walker's removal of a political foe was more important to him than the health of the state.