Sunday, May 25, 2014

Will The Whining Never End?

By Jeff Simpson

Wisconsin Reporter and more specifically MD Kittle, have had a crazy week.   They went from outright lying, to being Scott walker's top cheerleaders to now just being an outlet for the right wing noise machine to whine about what victims they are

A judge has halted the politically charged John Doe investigation into conservatives, but the probe certainly seems to have frozen the speech of many of the groups that have become common players in Wisconsin’s marketplace of political ideas over the past several years.

Lets examine "frozen the speech":

 Shut down are groups like the Wisconsin Club for Growth.

Wisconsin Club For Growth has a website here, and a facebook page here.   Neither one has appeared to been shut down, or edited.    Apparently Websites and facebook pages are not speech in right wing land.  

 This year, the organization, led by conservative activist Eric O’Keefe, has been mostly silent, with the exception of a little advertising on Right Wisconsin, a conservative website led by Milwaukee talk show host Charlie Sykes.
So the website, that the biggest "news" organization in the state, started and have control to one of the biggest right wing political hacks in the country does not count as speech in today's right wing world.  

A quick check of Eric O'Keefe and we find a website, facebook page and linked in.  Mr. O'Keefe actually has written books.   Apparently websites, facebook, Linkedin and Book writing is not considered speech. 

Another target, Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce, which spent an estimated $4.7 million in the 2011 and 2012 recall campaigns, according to the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign, but beyond spending an estimated $500,000 on the 2013 spring election the group has been mostly silent in recent months. WMC officials declined comment on the issue.

WMC is so upset that their speeh is being stifled, that when given a chance to speak, they passed.  

I didnt know serious it was that these two groups were only able to reach millions of people with the few outlets available to them, thank God for M.D. Kittle to explain it to us(emphasis mine).

  Conservative targets assert the John Doe process is the punishment — and it has come with chilling effects.
We at Cogdis value free speech, so let me extend an offer to Mr. O'Keefe and Mr. Bauer and anyone else involved in these two organizations. 

Since your speech has been "completely benched", I want to extend a helping hand.   If you have LTE's or anything else you have written that no paper or website will print. I promise to put them up at CogDis unedited. 

 You now have a forum!!


  1. Are these people to stupid to realize that their whining about not having free speech , is them exercising their free speech? This entire situation is an oxymoron, involving morons.

  2. The whining will temporarily stop when these repugs duck into the nearest closet and blow each other.

    There is a great deal of homosexuality in the Wisconsin GOP which is why they have to take such hard-right tactics -- distracts from balls hanging out of their mouths.

    They are called TEABAGGERS for a reason.

  3. For a bunch of "tough-guy free-marketeers", these oligarchs sure are frightened by the possibility of the people finding out who they are, and by how the people will react once they go find out. It tells me that we need to turn up the pressure even more on these slimeballs.

    As Lee Elia might put it "Unintimidated? My f*cking *ss!"

  4. Having your door almost beat down in a pre-dawn raid, your computers seized, and ordered not to talk about what just happened to you under penalty of law — and the teachers union apologist says "What free speech?"

    1. David, when did you become an apologist for criminals? Oh, belong to a group of them, do you knot?

    2. Lets pretend the secret router, 6 criminal convictions and 28000 + Walkerdocs never existed. Everything in walkerland is unicorns and rainbows

  5. Don't bribe politicians and don't launder money, and you won't have to worry about these problems, will you Mr. WHAAAA-ska.

    Aren't you the same guy who actively has approved of your fellow Knotszies putting together a blacklist of recall signers? Oh, but when it's billionaires, THEN we don't "have the right to know," and it's all about "Freedom" (to shout down others by buying up airtime and access).

    God, you're a pathetic amoral, no-talent.